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[[Category:Pokémon Wiki Users who are Pakistani]]
|Image=[[File:Black2.png|100px|center|Pakistani Pokémon Fan]]
|A.K.A='''''عثمان خلیل'''''
|Used Pokemon=[[Infernape]],[[Sceptile]],[[Greninja]]
|Hometown=[[Pallet Town|Multan]]
|DOB= 19th January,1997
|Age= 16
|Height= 5.6"
|IQ=Enough to Defeat Red
|League Rank=Pokémon Champion
|Pokemon lab=I don't have Professor or a lab
I am a Pakistani Pokémon fan namely Usman Khalil.I came to [[Pokémon Wiki]] when I saw another person from Pakistan [[User:Adyniz|Ady]].By seeing his contributions to Pokémon,it became my wish to promote the Wiki.
Thats the reason of my arrival to this wiki.
I like to watch Dragon Ball,Beyblade,[[Pokémon]] and Doraemon.I have played all of the Pokémon games and mine favorite one is [[Pokémon Black 2]].The best side series game for me is [[Pokémon Conquest]].
I am new user here so I need the help of other experienced users.I will try my best to contribute to this wiki.

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