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  • I live in Oran, Algeria الجزائر (Saint-Leu-D' Algérie)
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(My Characters~)
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== My Characters~ ==
== My Characters~ ==
My special characters are listed below :D
My special characters are listed below :D
Yuki Miku
Yuki Miku

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Hello! im midori here is some info bout me :D

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≧◠◡◠≦✌ HAIII~♥

Hello and welcome to my profile im Midori Phenix or Midori , Im a farely new member on this wikia. WELCOME TO MY HOME PAGE!!!! If there is are any questions please add onto my talk page :P. I am also the Master on editing Profiles so leave a message on my talk page for any questions XD.I now live in Canada . I love wikia. Im 14 years old. My skin color is white (not racist). My best friend on wikia is Miri. And i was born in the Fall.I love to draw im the best anime drawer in my class. Im really good that people in my class try to copy me but they can never beat the origninal. The best anime that i love is Fairytail i use to be called Fairytailfreak19 But ive changed my name . You may also find me at Anime arts wikia , Fairytail wikia , And alot more. you can find me at most anime wikis. I am also the queen at making templates . this whole page was made by me~ :D

My Characters~

My special characters are listed below :D

Yuki Miku

Kokoro - Tantei milky holmes

Tsugiko Zenigata - Tantei Milky Holmes

Haruhi Suzumiya

Kagami Hiiragi

Shakugan no Shana


Midori , Moofin , Cookie Monster XD


Half: Canadian , And french!




February 16th



Country Location



Really tall


Never ask a woman her weight ;D




I am brown haired ! :3

Blood Type



French is my first language. now im learning English :)


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