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[[Image:Acalogo.PNG|200px|Official Pokémon Acanthite Logo]]
!colspan="2" bgcolor="#DADADA"|Profile Information
!colspan="2" bgcolor="#DADADA"|Profile Information

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Hi, hello! Welcome to my favorite page on my favorite site! I joined on the last day of June, 2008! |||Forum:Watercooler|||


Current Events

Upcoming Events

  • The release of "Pokemon Acanthite" sometime later this year.
Profile Information
DeveloperSilver Glance INC
PublisherSilver Glance INC
DesignerSilver Glance INC
EngineRuby RSS
Release DateTBA 2008
GenreRole Playing Game
ModesSingle Player, Multiplayer

Pokémon Acanthite is a PC fan game based on the Pokémon series. The game is made by Silver Glance INC and is a popular online success with many followers. To be released in 2008, the game starts the fifth generation of the vastly popular Pokémon video game series. These games feature a new region called Merto, 159 new Pokémon and many more additions. They are also compatible with the other users of Pokémon Acanthite. It promises to be a great game when it premieres. Search non canon for a list of the pokemon created so far.

My favorite Pokemon

There is no favorite. I accept any and all pokemon; even the non-canon ones from Pokémon Acanthite, too! :)

However, my first pokemon was: Squirtle

My contributions

I have...

  • Started: 23/33 articles!
  • Contributed to: 10/33 articles!


  • Wes (started page)



  • Uxie (started page)

Locations(cities, towns, regions, etc.)

  • Ore (started page)




  • Category:Users (started page)

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