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(My White Pokemon (Wishlist))
(My White Pokemon (Wishlist))
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*[[Liligent|[[Lil]]ligant]]/[[Jellicent]] (If Elektross can't learn [[Surf]], I'm taking Jellicent instead)
*[[Lilligant]]/[[Jellicent]] (If Eelektross can't learn [[Surf]], I'm taking Jellicent instead)



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About meEdit

Hello!! Welcome to my Userpage. Due to my good English skill, I write the Etymology section of Pokemon articles. Feel free to read my Userpage. Oh! And don't forget to add comments in my Talk Page.

Wouldnt it be weird if...Edit

... you put an Everstone on a Pokemon, then it is 4 exp away from evolving, then, you fight a Gothita or a Shuppet and it has the Frisk ability, making the Everstone disabled thus evolving your pokemon?

... you battled your mom?

... caught a Legendary Pokemon then released it?

... leveled up a Pokemon and it wants to learn a move, then you accidentally clicked the "Give Up" button, then teach it the same move using a TM?

My contributionsEdit

My favorite PokemonEdit

My SoulSilver PokemonEdit

These are my most special SoulSilver pokemon

  • Poliwrath (Evolved from a Poliwag , Lv. 53)
  • Honchkrow (Caught at Safari Zone, Lv. 62)
  • Mismagius (Caught at Lv 20, trust me, it took me a month to get it to lv 30. lv 61)
  • Alakazam (Bought an Abra at the Game Zone, Lv. 59)
  • Red Gyarados (Caught at Lake of Rage using two Ultra Balls, Lv. 59)
  • Entei (Caught with a Master Ball)
  • Lugia (Caught with 15 Dusk Balls and 6 Ultra Balls)
  • Ho-Oh (Friend gave me one, I felt sorry for him and gave it back)
  • Togekiss (Evolved it from a Togepi Lv. 1 (Trust me, it was quite hard to raise him.), Lv. 50)
  • Espeon (Tried to get an Umbreon but Espeon is OK)

My Diamond PokemonEdit

  • Infernape (Lv. 46)
  • Staraptor (Evolved from a Starly Lv. 3) (Who knew a common hard to train Starly would evolve into an uncatchable bird.)
  • Alakazam (I caught it, it's like a come back from SoulSilver)
  • Roserade (Lv. 42)
  • Azumarill (I traded a Lugia with my cousin, and suddenly we lost connection, thus killing off Azumarill and now there are 2 Lugia(s))
  • Toxicroak (Lv. 45)
  • Garchomp (Lv. 45)
  • Drifblim (Lv. 42)

My Black PokemonEdit

My White Pokemon (Wishlist)Edit

You see, I just got White, so... I'm trying a different aproach, I'm taking Pokemon with Total Stats more than 500.

My Pokemon: Explorers of Time TeamEdit

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