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About me

Hello i'm Lugiarules100, my real name is Matthew Deyoung but you can call me Lugia it's my nickname to some people. I really love pokemon i loved ever since i was a child. My first game system was the Game Boy Advance, my dad bought me it and sent it from colorado to where i live, i got two games WarioLand 4 and Pokemon Crystal. I played Pokemon Crystal endlessly always full of wonder of what pokemon i will catch next and what legendaries are able to be discovered. At first i watched the anime than Pokemon movie #1 than Pokemon 2000, when i first played Pokemon Ruby-Emerald Swampert was my first favorite Pokemon but when i played Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness and watched Pokemon 2000 i made Lugia my first favorite Pokemon. Ever since i became obsessed with Lugia making myself an Ultra Lugia fan, and still i am a fan of Lugia i read almost anything about Lugia.

My contributions

I have currently made 8 major contributions to the wiki.

My favorite pages

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In reference to Lugia's Song

  1. Lugia
  2. Lugia's song

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