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{{Template:User British}}
{{Template:User British}}[[File:PR_Spheal_Sprite.png|thumb]][[File:PR_Jynx_Sprite.png|thumb]]
{{Template:User female}}[[File:035_RB_front.png|left|thumb]][[File:PokemonMusical.png|thumb|326px]]{{Template:User American}}
{{Template:User female}}[[File:PokemonMusical.png|thumb|326px]]{{Template:User American}}[[File:PR_Wailord_Sprite.png|thumb]]

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Flag of the United Kingdom This user is British (or comes from the UK).
PR Spheal Sprite
PR Jynx Sprite
Female Symbol This user is female.
Flag of the United States This user is American.
PR Wailord Sprite

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