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aka Lyra Kotone Crystal

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May 4, 2013
  • I live in New Bark Town
  • I was born on May 13
  • My occupation is Coordinator
  • I am Female


Personality: Lyra is very sweet and kind but ever since she was young, she's had a case of Multiple Personality Disorder. Her other personality is very outgoing and loves dancing. When the original Lyra loves singing and is quite shy.

Biography: Lyra actually used to be a normal girl and grew up with a rich family. Her family adored her singing voice and when the other Lyra came out, adored her dancing abilities. Lyra was the little princess until one day. She woke up and started to do her normal morning routine. Brush teeth, clean body, fix hair, and put on outfit. Lyra noticed something odd as she was brushing her teeth. Her usually brown hair had changed to a faint green color along with a couple of very faint black highlights with dots making it look like a note staff. Lyra shrugged it off, but the next day, her hair was now noticeably green and the highlights, along with the dots in her hair, were able to be seen completely now. Lyra, scared that this had somehow happened due to her being in the pool, immediately started to try and brush out any chlorine. It didn't work and Lyra soon realized that her hair was like that naturally. But, when she was singing sadly in her room one day, she suddenly felt... different. Her other personality came out, making Lyra look completely different. Her green hair changed to red, and her outfit became more like it should belong to a dancer. Her green eyes changed red and she was absolutely scared. She immediately ran over to her parents, asking what was wrong with her. Her parents were holding a note and held it out to her. As Lyra read the note, she changed back to the Lyra with green hair and green eyes. Her eyes widened and she looked up at her parents, nodding, pleading for them to take her to this school. Her parents reluctantly said yes and sent her off.

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