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[[Category:Male Users]]

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About me

Hi,i'm Light Matter.I'm a big fan of Pokémon and it's one of my favorite games ever.I know every Pokémon's type and evolution method,although i HATE the cartoon(i don't consider it an anime).If i'm on the chat i'm probably doing a PWT battle,and i also love to do a commentary about it,so you'll heard of my powerful Shiny Dragonite!


Favorite Pokémon:Dusknoir                        Least favorite Pokémon:Jynx

Favorite Legendary Pokémon:Heatran         Least favorite Legendary Pokémon:Shaymin

Strongest L.100 Pokémon:Shiny Dragonite  Weakest L.100 Pokémon:Ledian

Favorite Type:Ice                                          Least favorite type:Unknown


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