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February 23, 2009

Pikachu loses, even at level 100

Name Stromm
A.K.A Zer0 or Last tsurugi
Pokemon used Jolteon (starter, was Eevee), Raikou, Torterra(was Grotle), Quilava(saved in the Victory Sea, was Cindequil), Pupitar, Shiny Magneton, won't evolve any of them
Hometown Sunnyshore City
Date of Birth unknown
Age 13
Height Taller than Castform
IQ somewhere around Alakazam
Leage Rank Elite Four #2
Other Pokemon at Lab Charizard, Blazikin, Alakazam, Haunter, Lucario, all Beldum forms, Wartorle, Arcanine, Hitmonchan, Mr. Mime, Electivire, Dratini, Ampharos, Steelix, Scizor, Octillery, Marshtomp, Ralts, Vigoroth x37 (similar to Ash's multiple Tauros), Ninjask, Shedinja, Wailord, Zangoose, Dusklops, Staraptor, Glameow, Garchomp, Gallade, and Uxie.
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"I reject your reality and substitute my own" -Adam Savage, Mythbusters

Other Stuff since i'm new

Youtube is a time-sucking, pointless website of anything people are bored enough to put up... it rules

Games are time-sucking, pointless programs of anything designers are told to put up by who ownes them... they rule

School is a time-sucking, pointless "learning experiance" for smart people like me... it sucks

I don't see the point of teachers saying "look it up in the dictionary..." IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT!

I'm bored and going to put something up on Youtube

Since i'm back from Youtube (and still bored) i'll actually put stuff up here that has small relevance

Fav. pokrmon... jolteon

Fav. character... Richie's Pikachu (Ash's mirrior image)

Fav. character that is a human... my guy

Fav. character w/ out loopholes... still working on that, be back later

Least favorite pokemon... purugly (galmeow's ok, though [i have lvl 80 glameow])

Fav. leader... Volkner, elec is awesome

Most hated leader... the bug dude in 2nd gen

Hardest boss fight (from any game) Xemnas (only Sora and Riku could possibly... wait, he has lightsabers!?!?!?!? crap 8O...)

i'm slowly depleting my stash of Famous Amos cookies... help

a friend gave me the idea for this joke- Red, dripping everywhere, splatered against the wall. I stand over what is, now and forever, the lifeless husk of one of my friends... I cry, "Noooooooo! I spilled my cherry pudding!"

Holy crap, i just now realized i've been serious this entire time... or was that just hunger from me running out of Famos Amos cookies? I'll never know...


this is a joke based on Jeff Dunham: Walter: yeah, you know those hair growth ads? i tried one, and I was the "before" and friggin' Peanut was the "after". their sales skyrocketed.

Yes, much of this is from my FFWikia homepage [1]

My Userboxes

I created all of these, but anyone can use them with credit to me.

File:Sinnoh hall of fame.jpg This user is a member of the Sinnoh Hall of Fame.
File:Kanto2 hall of fame.jpg This user is a member of the Kanto Hall of Fame in FireRed and LeafGreen.
File:Johto hall of fame.jpg This user is a member of the Johto Hall of Fame.
File:Hoen hall of fame.jpg This user is a member of the Hoenn Hall of Fame.
File:Kanto1 hall of fame.jpg This user is a member of the Kanto Hall of Fame in Red and Blue.

Mini Battle Tower

you can submit any fight between two trainers/pokemon on my talk

Video of the wheneverIdecidetoupdateit

thumb|300px|right this is, sadly, the Halo 4 trailer...

You know as well as I do that you wanted to kill that dog ever since you first played Duck Hunt.

Best. Quotes. Ever.

"You may have survived the first two stabs, but what about the fourty-seven consecutive stabs afterward?" *pulls out knife*- Black Mage Evilwizardington to Fighter, 8-Bit Theater

"You nuked an entire forest! You could have killed us!"- Fighter McSwords, same as above

"But I didn't"- Black Mage Evilwizardington, same as above

"They took everything that wasn't nailed down or on fire. I took everything."-Thief, same as above

"I shall now hide inside my pants"- some character from some cartoon I'm too lazy to remember the name of

"I feel stupid"- me to myself (this, sadly, happens regularly)

"You got yourself so lost that the universe folded in unto itself and multiplied you!"-White Mage to Black Belt(s), 8-Bit Theater

"But this is the Temple of Fiends! It's not my fault that its passages are made of madness and its architecture insane!"-Black Belt(s) to White Mage, same as above

"It's a stait line! How could you have gotten lost?-White Mage to Black Belt(s), same as above

You're a little more important then my sword, but just a little.-Angeal, FFVII Crisis Core


no characters as of yet, you can submit some on my talk page

Random Stuff I'm Trying to Do

1. Make the longest userpage on the wikia

2. Annoy my little brother out of existance

3. Resist temptation to set fire to the fabric of existance

4. Hack Hadoken into Final Fantasy 1.(8-bit theater joke)

5. Screw something up so badly that the universe folds in on it and creates something awesome(might take a while)

6. Get Eagle Scout

7. Do anything other random crap that comes to mind

8. Resist temtation to screw around with existance in any way, shape, or form... too much...

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