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{{User en}}
{{User en}}
{{Userbox||info-background = red
{{Userbox||info-background = red
|||logo-color = Gold
|||logo-color = Gold
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||info-color = Gold
||info-color = Gold
|info = This user has Shiny Pokemon|logo-background = Gold}}
|info = This user has Shiny Pokemon|logo-background = Gold}}
{{Userboxbottom}} Hiya, welcome to my page!
{{Userboxbottom}} Hiya, welcome to my page!
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|textcolor12 = blue
|textcolor12 = blue
|color13 = red
|color13 = red
|textcolor13 = blue|Image = [[File:Shiny_ninetales_image.jpg|thumb]]
|textcolor13 = blue|Image =
|backcolor = blue|Hometown = Somewhere in California}}
|backcolor = blue|Hometown = Somewhere in California}}

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Hiya, welcome to my page!


I'm not gonna be for a little while due to school and several other reasons, sorry >_<

What I do HereEdit

I do alot of things around here images, sometimes catagories, linking, spelling, adding info. I'm a chat moderater and a rollbacker.

If you ever need help I can help you, just know I not very good with templates. I usally figure them out after a while, and when I do figure them out, I write them down on my wiki template notebook. I am trying my hardest to get at least on the ranking boards. My big goal on this wiki is to get 1000 edits excluding comments and talk page stuff. Please contact me on my Talk Page

I try to get on chat a lot since I'm a chat moderator.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. I also hate spammers. Please dont spam. I promise you if I catch you spamming this wonderful wiki I will find a way to get you to stop.

Name KateWolf
A.K.A Kate
Pokémon Used Zoroark Lucario and Shiny Ninetales
Hometown Somewhere in California
Age Classified
Height Classified
League Rank Champion
Other Pokémon at Lab Pretty much every one you can get (not all of them)
Friends Go look at my friends list
Edit Count This user has 1,382 total edits.

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Bullet Francisco









Truthfully, I have way more wonderful friends, and I will add anyone as long as I know you.

My SigEdit

 The Epic Girl  Who's Nickname is Wolfy  03:51, February 4, 2012 (UTC)


Ninetales BW
KateWolf — Watch out! I bite!:
TALK — I am sorry I have no idea what the time is.
Awesome right?


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