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July 26, 2013

Hello. My name is Julianna Louise Herman, or more commonly known as Karen Neill. I was born on may 5, 1969 in the big apple. I worked at 4kids entertainment for several years, and did several rolls in the Pokemon Anime.

hopes for pokemon

Now i love anime, whcih is one of the reasons why i joined 4kids, duart and such. I think that the Japanese really know what they're doing when they come up with shows, and Pokemon is no exception. Sometimes though, i look at it when my friend's son watches it, and i just have to ask, what on earth? I feel that its quality has slightly decreased sinse 4kids dubbed it. It's like the writers started running out of ideas. here are some hopes for future episodes

  1. re-incorperate contests into the mix, as i loved pokemon contests.
  2. don't be affraid to reference the movies or past episodes - i'm sure that if the kids don't know about a sertain episode or movie, they can just look it up easily.
  3. change main characters - I feel that Ash's story has been told, also the whole staying 10 thing kinda confuses me. then again, it's a kids show.

Rolls i wish to do in the future

I really feel bad for Veronica Taylor and all the others who were layed off when TPCI (Then known as PUSA) took over the dubbing of the series. I'm hoping that she gets to return too, along with all the others even for minor cameos. Here are the rolls so far that i wish to do:

  • Douse genesect (Extreme Speed Genesect)

4kids' stupid edits

Just because i worked with 4kids doesn't mean that i aprove of their edits. I personally feel that they ruin the ideas of the original artist with these edits myself. I quite understand why the anime comunity hates 4kids, and i sometimes remember finding myself going "WTF!" at quite a few of the edits i saw, especially in 1piece and Sonic X. I also felt that Al Con was really underestimating the intelligence of children some times.

religion, death, guns and violence

Don't even get me started here: i remember hearing from anime fans that 4kids changed some lines that i frankley think shouldn't have been changed. e.g. using "Leave this world, " "Come to an end" or such instead of "Die" or "Get killed." Many childrens films use the words die and kill, especially the Lion King and such. I even remember the hunch back of notre dame using a lot of religious references, so i don't see why they were edited out either. As per the violence thing, 4kdis really shouldn't have chosen to dub certain anime. Their mission is to make all anime they dub child friendly, but dubbing anime like 1piece and such isn't the best idea really.


I won't be on here often, but if you have any questions at all, then feel free to message me, or leave a post on my talkpage, and i'll do my best to answer them.

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