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September 21, 2010
  • I live in Demon World
  • I was born on November 27
  • My occupation is Black Angel
  • I am Male


Hi! I'm a HUGE fan of Dragon Pokemons around the Pokemon world especially Giratina. Although Dragon Pokemons are hard to train, but they are indestructible and powerful (this is stated by Lance before). I started playing Pokemon when I was 12 years old. The first Pokemon game I played was Sapphire. At that time, my friends discuss many things about Pokemon. I wanted to follow the trend so I borrowed my friend's Sapphire (he only had Sapphire). When I have problems regarding Pokemon, I will ask my friends. I finished it in about 2 months.

After that, I started buying games involving Pokemon including Blue, Silver, Crystal, Emerald and LeafGreen. I finished them all already. I wanted to buy Platinum because I heard the version mascot is a powerful dragon, but I'm saving my pocket money now. Although I long to buy Platinum, I always wasted my money playing Initial D (a mountain racing game that are very popular in Japan). Now, I'm a 16 years old teenager who loves to play Initial D until I fully tuned my cars in ID (if you're interested, ask me in my talk page). And then I will save my money to buy Platinum.

There are several reasons why I love Giratina: First, I love Dragon Pokemons. Second, it is just ****ing COOL! Thirdly, it had two forms: Altered and Origin, which make fighting enemies more interesting. Fourthly, my friends didn't even want to talk to me, like I'm a ghost. And lastly, my friend told me that when I walk, I am so quiet that they think I'm a ghost.

My Emerald Team

  • Swampert Lv.100
  • Sceptile Lv.100
  • Blaziken Lv.100
  • Flygon Lv.100
  • Sharpedo Lv.100
  • Linoone Lv.100

My Future Platinum Team

  • Giratina Lv.100
  • Palkia Lv.100
  • Dialga Lv.100
  • Rayquaza Lv.100
  • Lugia Lv.100
  • Ho-Oh Lv.100

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