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December 3, 2007

My contributions to date:

  • Created List of Pokémon by Name page; Dec/6/2007 - Dec/7/2007
  • Created Absol's page; Dec/7/2007
  • Created Aerodactyl's page; Dec/12/2007
  • Created Aggron's page; Dec/12/2007
  • Created Aipom's page; Dec/12/2007
  • Created Altaria's page; Dec/12/2007
  • Created Ambipom's page; Dec/12/2007
  • Created Ho-Oh's page (link from List of Pokemon by Name); Dec/12/2007
  • Created page on the Johto region; Dec/13/2007
  • Created page, List of Pokemon by Species; Dec/19/2007
    • List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_species
  • Created page, Cherrygrove City; Dec/19/2007
  • Created page, Violet City; Dec/19/2007
  • Edited Viridian City; Feb/20/2008
  • Created Ampharos's page; Sept/8/2008

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