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About me
Johnny B Guud

Johnny's Pokéface: Quagsire

Name Johnny B Guud
Pokémon Used Gen V:

560621596 563598555

Gen IV:

461466472 479437450

Gen III:

335308275 319346344

Gen II:

157227195 248212206

Gen I:

034101145 121123094

Hometown Nimbasa City
Age  ?
Height 5' 11"
League Rank Masters
Other Pokémon at Lab  ?
Friends N/A
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Johnny as a Trainer

Pokémon Black: Isabel - 8 Badges @ 649 Pokémon

Pokémon HeartGold: Juanita - 16 Badges

About: Johnny is a Pokémon Breeder.

Pokémon Black: Isabel

Current Team:

157 バワたろう (Bakuterou), a Hasty Typhlosion, he likes to wear cool shades, he tells me it helps him aiming that Eruption. Sure, why not?

227 Panzaeron is my german Careful Skarmory. He's a tank (Panzer in german) in the true sense of the word and is proud to have survived with half hp to a critical hit from a Rayquaza's Outrage.

560 Where would I be without Scrafty? This is the third generation of Scrafty's... I love this Pokémon, he's so chilled out... Adamant at heart, as always.

195 Sir Q is a Relaxed Quagsire and my back-up tank... When Gastrodon's ability Storm Drain got buffed, I was really thinking of switching over but then I looked deep into Quagsire's eyes and knew I would never trade him <3. My wish is to find one day a shiny Quagsire as strong as my Sir Q.

121 Stella is one of the new additions to the team, and she does not often let me down, a true sweeper even being a very Timid Pokémon, she's able to mop the floor with any remaining pokémon the other team might have. Gotta love Water Pokémon that can respond to the mach-up with a Lightning attack!

094 Finally, Shadow. I... don't have much to say about him yet *shivers*.

Other Pokémon:

637 Ulgamoth is important because he is Isabel's breeding partner (not in a naughty way), since Volcarona has Flame body and flies, it is Isabel's day-to-day pokémon because he allows her to breed pokémon faster. He is not used in battles, but his Hasty nature is still able to surprise the unsuspecting trainer.

639 Porthos, a Naughty Terrakion; it doesn't fool around in the Battlefield thanks in part to his two unresisted STABs. - I've got to try him in the Battle Subway next time.

598 Panzer, a Relaxed Ferrothorn and one of my favourite tanks... His ability to survive is unbelievable...

579 Genious, probably Isabel's favourite, Genious is a Relaxed Reuniclus that after meditating for a turn can basically burst things from the inside.

621 Draig Las is Isabel's newest addition to the team. This Druddigon may not be as strong or physically bulky as Pedro, but she makes up for that with a high degree of deception, an adamant nature, a decent movepool and a hard skin that has saved her out of innumerous critical situations.

573 Cinccino is a jolly and funny pokémon, with his ability, Technician, he is able to turn the weakest moves into powerful sweeping moves. Stupid moves like Bullet Seed, Tail Slap and Rock Blast (haha) can be destructive on this little dude... His top moment was outspeeding a Terrakion and killing it with 2 hits of bullet seed.

571 Trickster is a Naive Zoroark that has the bad habit of pretending to be other pokémon...

Flying Gym Challenge:

567 Ray is my new Jolly Archeops; although, like his ancestor, can get demoralized pretty easily, Acrobatics still hurts a lot and his stab combination is almost unresisted!

145 Zapido, a Quirky Zapdos that Juanita found in Route 10. It can be hard to understand sometimes.

472 Panzer? Not sure about the name, but I do admit not to have much imagination for tank names in the Pokémon world. An very capable Impish Gliscor, that rejoices on being poisoned!

130 Deelow... oh how I love his name. Such an atrocious pokémon, he used to make one hellova team with Mr. Jabba. Where he passes, Earth trembles and pokémon run away in fear!

149 Tobias is a Dragonite with the hidden ability that allows him to take super-effective hits and live to tell the story (of course he has to be at full health to do so) Powerful and tanky - he's a beast.

227 Panzaeron - Skarmory.

123 Needles, an Adamant Scyther, father of Natasha. Considers himself the strongest Pokémon in the world after OHKOing a Metagross and his entire team afterwards in a 6v6 battle.

Traded Away:

560 Urbano is Isabel's best friend. An unbeatable Adamant Scrafty, several times Unova Champion (by itself). A powerful addition to Coubes' Fighting Gym. - Traded with Coubes.

534 Pedro, an Adamant Conkeldurr he packs quite a punch. He may be slow, but no one can say his punches do not hurt; 639 attack when burned is no joke. Traded with Coubes since he needed a strong puncher for his Fighting Gym - Traded with Coubes.

220 Bred a Jolly Swinub to Lobotomias' starting Pokémon, as he's Lobotomias' all-time favourite pokémon! - Traded with Lobotomias.

545 Bred an Adamant Scolipede and traded him with Lobotomias' for I thought his Angus was really weak - Traded with Lobotomias.

286 Bred a Jolly Breloom named Rosita to be a part of Coubes' Fighting team. He's proficient in setting foes to sleep and Focus-Punching them afterwards. - Traded with Coubes.

061 Bred a Poliwag and evolved him to Poliwhirl, put a crown in his head and traded him in order to evolve to Politoed and be the core of Lobotomias' rain team, as he's also one of Lobotomias' favourite pokémon! - Traded with Lobotomias.

466 Mr. Jabba was traded away to be a part of Coubes's Fighting team as well :( At least I know he's doing a good job, for being such a random card and having such a widespread effectiveness! (Although he is hard to beat, even for me :() - Traded with Coubes.

475 Bred a Jolly Gallade named Kenshin to be a part of Coubes' Fighting team. He's proficient in slicing moves. - Traded with Coubes.

195 Whoops!, a Bashful Quagsire who loves to play in the rain. I caught him when he was just a little Whooper and since then he has grown to be the Champion of the indigo Plateau several times. More recently he was loaned to Lobotomias since he wasn't seeing much action in my box and has managed to become the Unova Champion! - Traded with Lobotomias.

080 Bred a Slowbro to go be a part of Lobotomias pub-stomping team, since new players are not familiar with old pokémon and their random Flamethrowers - Traded with Lobotomias.

272 Bred a Ludicolo to go be a part of Lobotomias rain team, as a powerful melee character - Traded with Lobotomias.

448 Bred a Timid Lucario to be a part of Coubes' Fighting team. He's proficient in special moves. - Traded with Coubes.

Retired Members:

609 Shandera, Juanita's Timid Chandelure, only attacks when provoqued. It has been with Isabel's almost since the beginning, and is Panzer's best friend (ironically)

560 X-7 is Urbano's son. A more Relaxed Scrafty that prefers tanking to fighting.

596 Thundara is Isabel's faster sweeper and wears cool spec glasses. This Modest Galvantula just loves to Thunder down stuff.

445 Djmr, a Jolly Garchomp that hasn't learned how to use Earthquake, since she prefers to lol around the battlefield. She can be serious when required.

212 Natasha, an Adamant Scizor that does not tolerate failure, even from her trainer. - Replaced by Claus

154 Vivii, a Mild Meganium and Juanita's first Pokémon. Juanita still loves him and that is why she keeps him in the box, she wouldn't want him hurt.

149 Fighter, a Hasty Dragonite, able to control the 4 elements. - replaced by Tobias

164 Boba, another of Juanita's first catches, Boba is a bold Noctowl and still is Juanita's favourite ride when Flying between Johto and Kanto.

473 XXI is Juanita's Adamant Mamoswine, who she wants to trade to her brother the moment he becomes a pokémon trainer.

142 Day-C Poké is Juanita's Jolly Aerodactyl, named in respect to the Day-Care Man.

563 Yaman is Isabel's Sassy Cofagrigus. He loves a good laugh.

549 Madame is Ekuri's Quiet Lilligant, given to Isabel for a Cottonee, she is an expert on sucking life out of other lifeforms.

537 Girinho is Isabel's Bashful Seismitoad. A dual Surf + Earthquake usually doesn't leave anyone standing on the battlefield.

567 Dakar is Isabel's Lax Archeops; can get demoralized pretty easily. - Replaced by Ray

526 Pedrado is Isabel's Adamant Gigalith. He's a pokémon tower, basically

500 Frisky was Isabel's first pokémon in the Unova region, a Sassy Emboar who loves to punch the stuffing out of things.


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