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Why Pokemon

Well... Pokemon is an amazing show that I grew up with and still hold close to my heart. To me Pokemon is an amazing adventure story that you just got to love. I really only watch the seasons involving Ash and Misty, and when Brock is there, I'm pleased but Tracy was cool. I don't like the newer episodes not featuring Misty, because she was the best, but also because the Nostalgia of my childhood has disappeared partially because they changed the voice actors. The Original Series is mainly why I'm here and I love it.

Favorite Characters


Ash was one of my heroes growing up. I wanted to be just like him, instead I'm more like a mixture of David Lynch and Holden Caufield. He was a badass. He also happened to be very quick and strong willed, much like I am. So in a sense, I did take a piece of Ash and put it into my personality. I love he has a strong chemistry with Misty and it... well... it's believable.


Her character is funny and quick, someone likable. I always waited for the day to come when she would get pregnant with Ash's child. I don't know, I watched to much James Cameron films when I was that age. But I would still like to see an Ash/Misty marriage sometime.


Brock was an amazing sidekick... he was so cool in his love for both woman and pokemon.


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