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This is my own personal box of virtual sand, where I get to kick said sand about and generally cause a mess.

Please do not edit anything on this page unless it is causing red links or if you see something that can be improved.

If you do improve something, please take the time to explain to me how I can alter the code in future- I will appreciate it.


Possible way of doing items. I'm thinking that the colour of the tables should match the City/PoI template, just looks nicer IMHO. The found item table is currently too similar to BPs to be much good... but how to tweak it?

Bought/sold items- city

Item Poké Dollar
X Sp. Def Sprite
X Sp. Def
X Special Sprite
X Special
X Speed Sprite
X Speed
X Attack Sprite
X Attack
X Defend Sprite
X Defend
Dire Hit Sprite
Dire Hit
Guard Spec. Sprite
Guard Spec.
X Accuracy Sprite
X Accuracy
{| cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" style="width:25%; border:solid 2px #C79F00; {{roundy|20px}} background: #ffffee;"
! style="background: #ffcc00; {{Roundytl|20px}}" |Item
! style="width:40px; background: #ffcc00; {{Roundytr|20px}}" |{{Poke}}
|[[{{{Image}}}|left]] [[{{{Itemname}}}]] || {{{Price}}}

Found items-city

Item How
Chesto Berry x3
Speak to Cheren outside Pokémon Center.
Fresh Water Sprite
Fresh Water
From man in Gym.
Soda Pop Sprite
Soda Pop
Café Warehouse, Wednesdays.
Miracle Seed
Miracle Seed
From girl in house next to Warehouse Shop. Answer Snivy.
From girl in house next to Warehouse Shop. Answer Tepig.
Mystic Water
Mystic Water
From girl in house next to Warehouse Shop. Answer Oshawott.
{| cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" style="width:65%; border:solid 2px #C79F00; {{roundy|20px}} background: #ffffee;"
! style="background: #ffcc00; {{Roundytl|20px}}" |Item
! style="width:70%; background: #ffcc00; {{Roundytr|20px}}" |How
|[[{{{Image}}}|left]] [[{{{Itemname}}}]] || {{{Location description}}}

Found items- grass areas

Item How
[[{{{Image}}}|left]] [[{{{Itemname}}}]] {{{Location description}}}

Found items- water areas

Item How
[[{{{Image}}}|left]] [[{{{Itemname}}}]] {{{Location description}}}

Found items- caves

Item How
[[{{{Image}}}|left]] [[{{{Itemname}}}]] {{{Location description}}}

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