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About m

I'm pretty cheerful and fairly confident at things. I also like having fun and I'm quite tomboyish. I'm also honest and direct (people often saying I'm rude). However, I care about people coz I don't like anyone to get hurt unless they hurt themselves on purpose. I like Pokemon because they remind me of animals, which I love more than anything in the world. I have a black and white cat that has long fur and a bushy tail. His name is Sooty.

My favourite characters are Volkner and Iris in anime and Yellow in manga. My fave Pokemon in anime are Pikachu and Eevee, including all shown (especially Mewtwo's Pikachu for some strange reason). I'm writing stories, some of them about a girl named Jane who is based on me, except that she has blue hair and is good at things like running and climbing. (I used to be but now I'm really rusty.) Jane's a Pokemon Trainer who gets Eevee as her starter after saving it from thieves and Spearows..

I hope you other users don't mind me putting more information as I read articles, coz I do that whenever I notice bits shown in anime are missing. But sometimes I don't know details when writing something that's missing, so I hope you all will put the details if I can't.

Well, see ya!

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