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  Hello their I'm a Raging Homosexual who likes to have hardcore sex with penguins and little boys in my spare time. Also im a Fag who likes un editting pages, because im sad and alone (please kill me) I need a girlfriend SOS

Number Pokemon captured in Pokemon White 2 Name Gender Type Information
1 Tepig-Pignite-Emboar Boy Fire/Fighting The Penis was my starter pokemon I chose in White 2 and it evolved during a battle with Cheren and it later evolved once morein a battle with Elesa, it is my main Pokemon
Braviary BW
Braviary Boy Normal/Flying I recently gave a blow job to a Braviary on Route 4 it is my ace flyer and one of my favorite pokemon.
3 Sewaddle-Swadloon-Leavanny Girl Bug/Grass I caught Sewaddle on Route 19 I have used her in many battles she evolved into swadloon then Leavanny in the same day.
4 Oshawatt- Dewott- Samurott Boy Water Samurott was transfered from Black he retains all his attle strengths.
Lucario BW
Riolu-Lucario Boy Fighting/Steel I caught Riolu in Floccesy Ranch and he evolved at the Virbank complex he is a very strong battler.
Electabuzz BW

Elekid- Electabuzz

Boy Electric I caught Electabuzz as an Elekid at the Virbank Complex. Since then he evolved and is my main Pokemon in battle.
Number Pokemon caught in Pokemon Black Name Gender Information
1 Oshawott-Dewott-Samurott Boy Water Samurott was my first starter pokemon in Unova in Black he was my main battler he will possibly be sent via poke radar to White 2.
Unfezant BW Sprite Female
Pidove-Tranquill-Unfezant Girl Normal/Flying Unfezant was the first pokemon I caught in Unova she was my main flyer it is unknown if she will be sentto White 2 via poke radar.
Chandelure BW
Litwick-Lampent-Chandelure Boy Ghost/Fire I caught Chandelure as a Litwick in Celestial Tower. It is unknown if he will be sent to White 2 via poke radar.
4 Sewaddle-Swadloon-Leavanny Girl Bug/Grass I caught Leavanny as a Sewadddle in Pinwheel forest she will most likely be sent to White 2 via poke radar.
Krookodile BW
Sandile-Krokorok-Krookodile Boy Ground/Dark I caught Krookodile on Route 6 he will most likely be sent to White 2 Via poke radar.
Golurk BW
Golett-Golurk Unknown (Genderless) Ground/Ghost I caught Golurk in Dragon Spiral tower he was used in many battles.
Haxorus BW
Axew-Fraxure-Haxorus Boy Dragon He was an extra pokemon of mine he was very powerful and useful in battle he was caught after Golurk and was used part time.
Number Pokemon caught in Pokemon Diamond Name Gender Information
Infernape BW
Chimchar-Monferno-Infernape Boy Fire/Fighting My first starter in Sinnoh he was my major powerhouse on my journey through sinnoh.
Staraptor BW
Starly-Staravia-Staraptor Girl Normal/Flying I caught Staraptor as a Starly on route 201 she was my main flyer in Sinnoh.
Gyarados BW
Magikarp-Gyrados Boy Water/Flying I caught Gyrados as a magikarp in the pastoria Great Marsh.
Roserade BW
Budew-Roselia-Roserade Girl Grass/Poison I caught it as a Budew and it evolved very quickly.
Garchomp BW
Gible-Gabite-Garchomp Boy Dragon/Ground Garchomp wwas caught as a Gible in Wayward cave.
Togekiss BW
Togepi-Togetic-Togekiss Girl Normal/Flying Togekiss was the last pokemon I obtained in the Sinnoh region.
Number Pokemon caught in Pokemon Sapphire Name Gender Information
Blaziken BW
Torchic-Combusken-Blaziken Boy Fire/Fighting Torchic was my starter pokemon in Hoenn he was a very strong battler.
Swellow BW
Taillow-Swellow Girl Normal/Flying she was my main flyer.
Milotic BW
Feebas-Milotic Girl Water Beautiful and elegeant my Milotic is one of my top favourites out of them all.
Ludicolo BW
Lotad-Lombre-Ludicolo Boy Water/Grass Ludicolo was a very helpful and strong pokemon in my arsenal.
Metagross BW
Beldum-Metang-Metagross Genderless Steel/Psychic Metagross was very hard to raise but made up for that with its power it has never lost a battle as a metagross.
Slaking BW
Slakoth-Vigoroth-Slaking Boy Normal Slaking was diffucult to use with his ability but I managed and he became one of my favourites.
Number Pokemon caught in Pokemon Gold Name Gender Information
Typhlosion BW
Cyndaquil-Quilava-Typhlosion Boy Fire Typhlosion was my first Johto starter he was used in many battles especially Gym battles.
Noctowl BW
Hoothoot-Noctowl Boy Normal/Flying I only had this pokemon for a short time as i caught it to the near end of my journey.
Politoed BW
Poliwag-Poliwhirl-Politoed Boy Water Politoed was a very strong pokemon I went through quite a dilemma when I was trying to choose whether to evolve him into a Politoed or a Poliwrath so In decided to use my kings Rock.
Exeggutor BW
Exeggcute-Exeggutor Boy Grass/Psychic Exeggutor was a strong battler of mine.
Ampharos BW
Mareep-Flaafy-Ampharos Girl Electric Ampharos's Attract came in handy many times in battle but its overwhelming thunderbolt was my ace.
Heracross BW
Heracross Boy Bug/Fighting Heracross was used in many good battles he is a powerhouse in my team.
Number Pokemon caughtin Pokemon FireRed Name Gender Information
Charmander-Charmeleon-Charizard Boy Fire/Flying Charizard was the starter I got in Kanto actually he is the first starter I have ever recieved.
Pidgeot BW
Pidgey-Pidgeotto-Pidgeot Girl Normal/Flying Pidgey was my first bird pokemon she was very useful in battle.
Golduck BW
Psyduck-Golduck Boy Water At first he was not a strong battler until he evolved.
Vileplume BW
Oddish-Gloom-Vileplume Girl Grass/Poison Gloom was initally not what I wanted but after it won lots of battles i kept it and evolved him.
Dragonite BW
Dratini-Dragonair-Dragonite Boy Dragon/Flying Dragonite was my most powerful pokemon he was used in all the battles in the kanto league in which he defeated alll the pokemon in that league.

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