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  • I live in Rio de Tokoyo, The Republic of the Chinese Kingdom of America Island.
  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is "Would you like Fries with your Big Mac, sir?"
  • I am Ironman. Fe = Iron. Male = Man
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Pokemon Leafgreen

My Party Pokemon:

Lv.96 Kadabara:

Lv.76 Mewtwo:

Lv.74 Dragonite:

Lv.69 Charizard:

Lv.68 Magneton:

Pokemon Soulsilver

My Party Pokemon:

Lv.20 Raticate

Lv.19 Geodude

Lv.18 Quilava

Lv.18 Bellsprout

Lv.17 Hoothoot

Lv.16 Beedrill

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