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  • I live in My own world
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Student
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About me Hello

I am a pokemon trainer who lives in her own world. I have many pokemon games: SoulSilver, Ruby, Emerald (currently playing Nuzlocke Challenge), Pokemon Trading Card Game (video game) (save files no longer work,) Black (I lost it), Pearl, Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, LeafGreen, Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, Pokemon Battle Revolution,    PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond and Black 2.

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In my SoulSilver game I have two shinies:

  1.  Red Gyarados (Lake of Rage ) (you normally encounter this)
  2.  Pink Wurmple evolved into orange Silcoon and evolved again into a multi-colored Beautifly (National Park: bug catching contest.

In Black 2, I have one shiny, but one that wasn't caught:

  1. Wonderfully blue Gible with a yellow belly evolved into brilliantly blue Gabite and evolved again into a slightly different Garchomp. (Floccesy Town) (Normally given to you by Benga)
  2. Lighter green red-striped Basculin which knocked itself out with Final Gambit before I could catch it... (Unova Route 20)

In X I have 5 shinies:

  1. Light blue Poliwhirl evolved into light blue Politoed with pink instead of yellow. (Kalos Route 16) (Chain Fishing)
  2. Purple Chinchou with green lights evolved into purple Lanturn with green lights. (Shalour City) (Chain Fishing)
  3. Navy blue Whiscash with pinkish whiskers, belly and "W"/crown. (Area Unknown :P) (Chain Fishing) Traded away for:
  4. White Foongus with a purple Pokeball head. (Route 15 (Apparently)) (Trade) Traded for shiny Whiscash.
  5. Black Zorua with blue instead of red. (Egg recieved from Daycare) (Hatched on Kalos Route 7) (Masuda method)


On my Black 2 game my pokemon got pokerus on the first couple days of my playing. No joke!

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