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December 26, 2009
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Caretaker
  • I am Female

About Me

Hi everyone,I'm a big fan of Poke'mon since 1998 and still am today,my fist pokemon game is Poke'mon Yellow,which I beaten long ago,and I had to retry it again since my little brother restarted my game and I went to see the first movie and got my first Poke"mon card a Electabuzz.Then soon I got more cards,so I put them in a big card book,and got the first movie,in time I got Poke"mon Gold,then Crystal,and got the 2nd and 3rd movies,the pretty soon I got all 11 movies and just need one more,along with all the plashes and figures I got,I also have Hey You,Pikachu,Poke"mon Diamond,Sapphire,Stadium,Mystery Dungeon Blue and Time,Leafgreen,and Gale of Darkness.I like cute and pretty Poke"mon,but I really like all of them,I also like all the legendary Poke"mon,from big to small,I even like baby Poke"monI even made two normal Poke"mon name Liray and Avachidna,and their trainer Julie who can understand the Poke"mon and has a deep secret,who is protect by a boy I haven"t named yet who has a Winterus and Gorspring,that I made,that have to fight against an evil Poke"mon named Chimdusa,but I"ll tell you more later.Got Poke'Park Wii:Pikachu's Adventure for Christmas.I got a Celebi plush toy.I got a Vaporeon,Espieon and Leafeon toys today.Got Pokemon Black for Easter.I got a Snivy figure today.Got a Zorua figure.Got a light up Pikachu figure.I got a few more Pokemon toys and cards.


Duskullbone(1st friend)

Greenlover(2nd friend,and Bone's bro)


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