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Poffin Case(Holder)

A Poffin Case containing Poffins

Poffins (ポフィン) are a special type of food item, introduced in Generation IV. Its name is a crossover between Pokémon and muffin. Despite its name, its appearance looks nothing like a muffin, rather resembling the appearance of a bun or a cookie instead.

Poffins are similar to their use as their predecessors, the Pokéblock in Generation III. They can either raise the Beauty, Tough, Cool, Smart, or Cute condition stats of a Pokémon participating in a Pokémon Contest when fed, and also are made from Berries which determines the flavor. Similarly to the third generation, Pokémon have particular tastes and favor different flavored Poffins dependent on their Nature.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the only way to obtain Poffins is to make them yourself at the Poffin House in Hearthome City. However, with the addition of Pokémon Platinum, some Poffins may be available to purchase in the basement of the Veilstone Department Store in Veilstone City. In all three games, you can also connect two to four players to create Poffins over wireless connection.

Making Poffins

You are able to make Poffins at the Poffin House in Hearthome City. However, you must obtain the Poffin Case from the Pokémon Fan Club chairman, also in Hearthome City, in order to do so.

Poffin levels can be found with this formula

\frac{60B}{T} - (b + s)

B is the base level
T is the time taken in seconds
b is the number of burns
s is the number of spills

Likes or dislikes

Depending on a Pokémon's nature, they might prefer Sour poffins, Sweet Poffins, etc. These are the second coming of PokéBlocks from R/S/E. 
A plate of poffins in anime

A plate of Poffins

Beware if it overflows or burns because it will worsen the poffin's flavor and the Pokémon may dislike it, unless if it eats anything happily. The faster you finish the poffin, the bigger the flavor of the poffin and it might even become a Mild Poffin. To get a free one, talk to a Rich Guy in Hearthrome City in the front of the counter and he will give you a Mild Poffin and steps aside and lets you enter a contest. You don't have to always enter the contest although.

In the anime

Dawn often makes them for her pokemon. Like Munchlax with PokeBlock Dawn's Mamoswine loves to eat Poffins.

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