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==About me[[File:May4.jpg|thumb|May,my most very favorite character]]==
==About me==
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'''''-Unkind People'''''
'''''-Unkind People'''''
'''''-Disgusting People[[File:Dawn_52.jpg|thumb|Dawn,my second most favorite character]]'''''
'''''-Disgusting People'''''
'''<u>Favorite Pokemon Characrers</u>'''
'''<u>Favorite Pokemon Characrers</u>'''
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'''''[[File:May_96.jpg|thumb|left|May~my most favorite character!!!]]'''''
==My contributions==
==My contributions==

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About me



-Stuff Toys



-Unkind People

-Disgusting People

Favorite Pokemon Characrers



Favorite Pokemons










Favorite Singers

-Justin Bieber

-Ne yo

-Taylor Swift

Favorite Songs

-Never Knew I Needed


-One Less Lomely Girl

-Teardrops on my Guitar




May 96

May~my most favorite character!!!

My contributions

My favorite pages

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