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Hello! Iam Garchomp9 and you can see on my name what my faforite Pokémon is: Garchomp! But, i have more faforite Pokémon. Here a list with things about my Pokémon styles:

Faforite Pokémons:  

1. Garchomp

2. Haxorus

3. Salamence

4. Hydreigon

5. Giratina

6. Feraligatr

Faforite Type: Dragon

Least faforite Pokémon: Jynx

Least faforite type: Ice

My powerfullest Pokémon: Garchomp LV.100

My least powerfullest Pokémon: Shinx LV.3

Information in the Pokémon world

Game(s): Lustreous, Adamadant and Griseous
Preferred Type: Dragon
Hometown: Dravon City
Region: Dravon
Debut Generation: VII
Class: Champion
Pokémon Information
Cynthia Garchomp
Garchomp is Drance's main and most powerful Pokémon. It is never defeated in battles. Its kown moves are: Draco Meteor, Giga Impact, Fire Blast, Outrage and Earthquake.

Pokémon Information
Drayden Haxorus
Haxorus is a importaint Pokémon from Drance. Its known moves are: Draco Meteor, Outrage, Giga Impact, Brick Break and Stone Edge.

Pokémon Information
Slamence is a impoirtant Pokémon in Drance's team like Haxorus. It is Drance's brutally firepower Pokémon. It's known moves are: Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Fly and Dragon Pulse.

Feraligatr BW
 Type Water 
Haxorus BW
 Type Dragon 
Hydreigon BW
 Type Dark Type Dragon 
Salamence BW
 Type Dragon Type Flying 
Giratina BW
 Type Ghost Type Dragon 
Garchomp BW
 Type Dragon Type Ground 
Lv. 96 Lv. 98 Lv. 97 Lv. 98 Lv. 96 - Lv. 100
Ability: Sheer Force Ability: Mold Breaker Ability: Levitate Ability: Intimidate Ability: Pressure Ability: Sand Veil
Item: ? Item: Sitrus Berry Item: Haban Berry Item: Lum Berry Item: Quick Claw Item: Dragon Fang
Hydro Cannon Draco Meteor Draco Meteor Draco Meteor Draco Meteor Draco Meteor
Outrage Outrage Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Shadow Force Giga Impact
Aqua Tail Stone Ede Fire Blast Hydro Pump Thunder Fire Blast
Crunch Brick Break Dark Pulse Fly Earth Power Earthquake

Drance's Garchomp
Japanese Name
Cynthia Garchomp
Trainer: Drance
Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Veil
Debut: Unknown
Episode captured: Unknown
Caught where: Dravon City
Current location: With Drance
Evolved: Unknown

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