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  • I've played, and completed every Pokémon games avaliable, except for the XY generation.

Mega Evolution team:

Blaziken BW
 Type Fire Type Fighting 
Sceptile BW
 Type Grass Type Dragon 
Gengar BW
 Type Ghost Type Poison 
Metagross BW
 Type Psychic Type Steel 
Tyranitar BW
 Type Rock Type Dark 
MegaLucario XY
 Type Fighting Type Steel 
Lv. 92 - Lv. 94 Lv. 93 Lv. 94 Lv. 93 Lv. 92
Ability: Speed Boost Ability: Lightning Rod Ability: Shadow Tag Ability: Tough Claws Ability: Sand Stream Ability: Adaptability
Item: Occa Berry Item: Air Balloon Item: Focus Sash Item: Sitrus Berry Item: Expert Belt Item: White Herb
Blast Burn Frenzy Plant Shadow Force Physicic Rock Wrecker Aura Sphere
Focus Blast Dragon Claw Dark Void Iron Head Hyper Beam Flash Cannon
Solarbeam Earthquake Aerial Ace Surf Heat Wave Water Pulse
Thunder Quick Attack Sludge Bomb X Scissor Hammar Arm Bulldoze

Hoenn and Sinnoh Legendary Team:

Rayquaza BW
 Type Dragon Type Flying 
Groudon BW
 Type Ground Type Fire 
Kyogre BW
 Type Water 
Dialga BW
 Type Steel Type Dragon 
Palkia BW
 Type Water Type Dragon 
Giratina BW
 Type Ghost Type Dragon 
Lv. 80 - Lv. 80 Lv. 80 Lv. 80 Lv. 80 Lv. 80
Ability: Speed Boost Ability: Sturdy Ability: Torrent Ability: Pressure Ability: Presssure Ability: Pressure
Item: Sky Plate Item: Red Orb Item: Blue Orb Item: Sitrus Berry Item: Expert Belt Item: White Herb
Draco Meteor Fissure Sheer Cold Roar of Time Special Rend Ominous Wind
Sky Attack Eruption Surf Iron Head Water Pulse Shadow Force
Flamethrower Solarbeam Iron Tail Physicic Grass Knot Earthquake
Extremespeed Iron Head Sludge Bomb Hammer Arm Hyper Beam Sludge Bomb

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