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  • About me
  • Hello
  • Im a mod on 6 wikis and a admin on 2
  • I love AT (adventure time)
  • My favorite pokemon video game is Poke'mon Rumble Blast
  • My favorite pokemon is Ossawott
  • I have been playing Poemon since i was 4 years old
  • Wikis i go on besides here
  1. Adventure time wiki
  2. Adventure time video network wiki -mod
  3. The master series wiki- mod
  4. The max wiki -admin
  5. Random debate wiki
  6. Autobahn Polizei wiki -mod
  7. The filt of assassins wiki -mod
  8. Hunger games wiki
  9. InuYasha wiki
  10. Apple products wiki -mod
  11. Random adventure time genderswaps wiki -mod
  12. Express your randomness wiki
  13. My sonic fanon wiki -admin

Pokemon games i have (not in any specific order)

  • Pokemon Stadium -nintendo 64
  • Hey You pikachu! -nintendo 64
  • Pokemon Snap! -nintendo 64
  • Pokemon diamond -nintendo DS
  • Pokemon Pearl -nintendo DS
  • Pokemon Platnium -nintendo DS
  • Pokemon Soulsilver -nintendo DS
  • Pokemon White -nintendo DS
  • Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness -Nintendo DS
  • Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky -nintendo DS
  • Pokemon guardian of signs -nintendo DS
  • Pokemon Emerald -GBA
  • Pokemon Special pikachu edition -game boy color
  • Pokemon Rumble Blast -Nintendo 3DS

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