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  • I live in somewhere, possibly?
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is Freelance graphic designer
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|colspan="3" align="center"|<div style="padding:3px; background-color:#FFD700; -moz-border-radius: 7px; color:white; {{roundytop|30px}}"><big>'''Looking for someone?'''</big></div>
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'''<big><font color="#{{#switch:{{{1|1}}}|1=ffffff|2=c9c9c9|3=000000|4=c9c9c9|5=ffffff}}">felinoel has been a Featured User{{#switch:{{{1|1}}}|1=|2=&nbsp;two times|3=&nbsp;three times|4=&nbsp;four times|5=&nbsp;five times}}!</font></big></center></div>
|[[File:Abra BW.gif|right]]
| style="width:15%;" |[[File:{{#switch:{{{1|1}}}|1=Pikachu.jpg|2=Pichu_FU_Image.png|3=Plusle_Minun_FU_Image.png|4=Dawn Pachirisu.png|5=Emolga_Hidden_Power.png}}|70x70px]]
|<center><big>'''felinoel''' has moved to ''Bulbapedia'', since this user only recognizes ''Marriland Wiki'' as to being a Wiki about the state of Maryland or something odd like that?</big></center>
|[[File:Abra BW.gif|right]]

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Hello, I am fel. I am always watching, everything, everywhere. I am watching.

Hello I'm felinoel, also known as just fel. I have been an active Wikian since early 2007 and a Star since 2013. I have been a crat of two wikias and an admin of seven. Currently though, I am only an admin of four and a crat of two due to limited time. I enjoy reading Wikipedia and many Wikias. I find that they are informative and enjoyable.


  • There are still many things that I want to learn when it comes to editing, such as all the new coding and such. I am always looking methods to improve my skills as a Contributor.
  • I am a current Administrator of the Adventure Time wikia assigned June 6, 2011, a current Administrator of the Technic Pack wikia assigned September 25, 2012, and a current Administrator of the Feed the Beast wikia assigned January 9, 2013.
  • I adopted the Warehouse 13 wikia and was assigned as a Bureaucrat June 1, 2010 and on July 14, 2013 I was given Bureaucrat status for the Bee and PuppyCat wikia.
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