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mahin,s pokemon

on hand

Pokémon Information
it was given by proffesor oak as a egg for helpnig hatched into pichu it had a high friendship with mahin so it become pikachu.pikachu was very strong and have a high frienship but hen he evoled into raichu without a becomes mahin,s parnther.he was frist pokemon mahin got beacuse he was 3 years old and not read in kindergarden
Pokémon Information
Infernape was frist seen as chimchar befriended with mahin. since mahin was in kindergarden after turned into 10 mahin keep him in the pokeball but he soon evoled monferno and then into infernape durning a battle with candice
Pokémon Information
floatzel is seen as buizel.mahin caught while fising for goldeen.he likes mahin.he is very interested in his traning
Pokémon Information
staraptor was caught when he is starly.he was lost the group and when he was flying a wild tailow attack him and broke his wings but mahin saved since then he is mahin,s pokemon
Pokémon Information
magmorter was one of the mahin,s pokemon.he was caught as magby.magbychase mahin to become his pokemon but mahin didn,t look at him he was busy but magby tried to understand mahin after understand mahin make his pokemon.he wins mahin,s frist one badges but he was magmar while traning a lot magmar evoled into magmorter
Pokémon Information
swampert was seen as a baby just hatched from his egg but he was playing with his brothers and then suddnely fall in the river but there was a waterfall so mahin saved him.mahin,s mudkip evoled into marshtomp and then into swampert


Pokémon Information
mahin caught a piakchu acidentally but it was evil always thundershock and mad.after awhile he was going to use thunder on mahin but raichu save him defeating it.

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