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==mahin,s pokemon==
==mahin,s pokemon==
===on hand===
|type2 = fire
|type = fire
|image = 498Tepig BW.png
|info = Tepig was in the jungle hurt by wild pokemons one of the wild pokemon was buizel who tied his nose but he quickly ran up to the city.suudenly mahin found him laying in a plce he saw that a rope was tied in his nose he quicly untied it.he becomes very happy infect he is now mahin,s pokemon.he is always on mahin,s shoulder but sometimes he is seeing keeping in a pokeball
|nameline = Tepig
|gender = Male|powers = flame charge
fire pledge
fire fang
==maliha,s pokemon==
|type2 = water
|type = water
|image = 501Oshawott.png
|info = he was founded in a girl,s camping trip.he liked maliha so he follow him.he was earned maliha,s frist 3 badges
|nameline = Oshawott
|gender = male}}
==nasif,s pokemon==
|type2 = grass
|type = grass
|image = 495Snivy.png
|info = snivy was found in the jungle when nasif,s was finding a berry tree.he helps him a lot.he is very smart and a konw many berry tree and medicene tree.
|nameline = snivy
|gender = Male}}
==Rakkin,s pokemon==
|type2 = normal
|type = ice
|image = 427Buneary.png
|info = buneary is the frist pokemon rakkin caghted it is unknown what happend and ho it caughted but it was caught in a jungle.she had big crush on rakkin.
|nameline = Buneary
|gender = female}}
==mrittik,s pokemon==
|type2 = ground
|type = steel
|image = SteelixHGSS.png
|info = steelix was recieved from his father in his 10th birthday as onix frist he does not obey command he always mad but after he was saved by his trainer mrittik he is just becomes helps him and obey commmands or whtever he says.he quickly evoled into a steelix a pokemon evoled form onix
|nameline = Onix-steelix
|gender = Male}}
==shafait,s pokemon==
|type2 = ground
|type = water
|image = 009Blastoise.png
|info = mriitik,mahin,maliha and rakkin vistis the kanto they met the shafait mrittik,s childhood hardly rival and also sometime friend he challegens mrittik for a battle with his blastoise.frist round blastoise defeated steelix but second round steelix defeated blastoise
|nameline = Blastoise}}

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