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==Some Pic's I like==
==Some Pic's I like==
<gallery columns="3" orientation="portrait" widths="168">
<gallery columns="4" orientation="portrait" widths="129">
7 sapphire adventures.png
7 sapphire adventures.png
2 Ruby 1.png
2 Ruby 1.png
1 Blue 1.png
1 Blue 1.png
3 Platinum 1.jpg
3 Platinum 1.jpg
X + y legendary + x 'n' y starters.png
Drilbur B2W2.gif
Excadrill B2W2.gif
Woobat B2W2.gif
Swoobat B2W2.gif
Roggenrola B2W2.gif
Boldore B2W2.gif
Gigalith B2W2.gif
Blitzle B2W2.gif
Zebstrika B2W2.gif
Munna B2W2.gif
Musharna B2W2.gif
Reversed gijinka reshiram zekrom by darkheroic-d5unua7.jpg

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Good Day Pokemon Trainer's I am going to help you be Pokemon Master's if you have anything to ask plz do I will try and get back to you as soon as I can Thank you :)

Have a Look here:

Some Pic's I like

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