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Hi, and welcome to my magnifisent Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team Walkthrough. It is finally here.

In this walkthrough I will also give advice, help or tips. If you need extra help, just ask on the talkpage.

Without further ado...The walkthrough itself, hope you like and thanks for reading!!!


You and your partner

Ok, so you load up the game, and the beggining movie shows. You can only skip this once you have a saved file. So, if your not happy with your pokemon and you want to redo, you have to turn off your DS and watch it again. But anyway, when the movie ends select "New Game" on the menu. REMEMBER: You can only have one save file, so think twice before deleting your game. I did and I regreted it!!!

On with the game, at the start you have to fill out a questionnaire, but be warned, you pokemon is chosen for you depending on your answer to these questions. However, I will help you.

|Pokémon | Nature |

     Male | Female  

|Bulbasaur |Docile| Calm|

|Charmander|Hardy |Brave|

|Squirtle |Jolly |Relaxed|

|Pikachu |Impish| Hardy|

|Meowth* |Quirky|N/A|

|Psyduck* |Relaxed|Lonely|

|Machop* |Brave|N/A|

|Cubone* |Lonely|Impish|

|Eevee* |N/A|Naïve|

|Chikorita |N/A|Docile|

|Cyndaquil |Timid|N/A|

|Totodile |Naive|Naïve|

|Treecko |Sassy|Quirky|

|Torchic |Hasty|Sassy|

|Mudkip |Calm|Timid|

|Skitty* |N/A|Hasty|

*: These Pokémon may not be selected as the partner.

Some characters are only available to players of a certain gender.

So, when your pokemon has been decided and your happy with it, then it will take you to a screen where you choose your partner. You cannot select a partner of the same typae as ou or a pokemon who's type is "normal".

Tiny Woods

Someone is speaking, the screen is blank..."Hello!?! Wake Up!!"

You find yourself lying on the floor with a strange pokemon standing over you. This pokemon is your partner and the one on the floor is you. Your in a forest and it seems you've been sleeping for some time. Your partner then explains things to you and your wondering how you turned into a pokemon. Your partner asks our name so this is where you type your name in. You also name your partner. I would recomend not giving them the name of the pokemon they are for a very good reason later on. But if you want to that's up to you. After some talking, a Butterfree come flying to you asking for help. Her baby Caterpie has fallen down a fissure and needs your help. This is your first rescue mission. Because this dungeon only has 3 floors and each is quite small, I suggest you fully explore every floor and get as much EXP. and money as you can. Kill every enemy you see, which are quite easy to kill, just attack with your regular attack by pressing A or press X to open the menu and select "Moves" then select the specific move you want to use. The only threat you face is the Sunkern's Absorb, especialy if your a water type. But the others are too easy. Once you reach the end of the dungeon you will find Caterpie. When you take it back the the Buterfree, you are rewarded with Berries and an additional item.

Rescue Teams!?!

After you receive the rewards, your partner suggest that you come live in town.They then take you to a house/hut/base that is surounded by an area of your type. You then get asked whether you want to take the role of a rescue team leader. If you select "no" then they will keep asking until you say yes. Once you select "yes", you have the task of naming your team. To make it sond better I would make it something to do with your type. Like, if you were fire type, say.....Warfire. Or if you were water.....squirter?!? It's up to you what you call it.


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