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This Pokemon Leafgreen walkthrough was made by Dinomino21 who accepted help from Armageddon11I hope you like it. Thank you for reading.


Getting Started

Once you load up the game, a little scene will show and then it takes you to the menu that tells you to press start. When you press start (or A) it will say NEW GAME on the menu. If you click it, it will take you through the controls and the starting story.

Now, Prof. Oak will tell you the basics and get you started as a trainer. He will ask you:

  • Are you a boy or girl?
  • Your name
  • His Grandson's name ( you can select a name or make a new one ).

Your first strides as a trainer

You will then shrink and appear in a bedroom, this bedroom is yours. Now before you go downstairs, lets take you through the menu.

  • BAG: Store stuff you collect on your journey.
  • NAME: Your personal trainer card
  • SAVE: So you can save your game
  • OPTION: Change the options of the game to your liking
  • EXIT: To exit the menu

Check here again later and there will be more icons posted. So, it's up to you to explore your room, but after this head on downstairs. Your mom will be sat here as usual. Speak to her if you wish, remember it is always polite to say good morning. The lush smell of Pallet Town awaits you through your front door, once you are here, explore and venture around and get to know the little village. To the bottom right is Prof. Oak's LAB. If you walk to far up then Prof. Oak comes runing after you and tells you to not go in tall grass. He then takes you to his LAB where he forces you to choose a pokemon. In this game I recomend you talk to anyone and everyone you see.

The Big Decision

  • BULBASAUR: Grass type: Very easy to raise
  • SQUIRTLE: Water type: Worth raising
  • CHARMANDER: Fire type: Raise patiently

Being as there aren't many fire types I would go with Charmander but that's my opinion, not yours so choose wisely, you will have to put up with this pokemon for your starter. No matter what you choose, your rival will choose the one that is effective against yours. So:

  • You choose Bulbasaur:

He will choose Charmander

  • You choose Squirtle:

He will choose Bulbasaur

  • You choose Charmander:

He will choose Squirtle

I originally chose Charmander myself.Also think wisely about their evolutions. You don't want to end up with a Blastoise if you wanted a Charizard. After this, you try and walk out but, you are chalenged by your rival, be careful, it will be tough!!! But even if you lose the game still caries on. Oak will firstly take you through a tutorial of battling. Being as I chose charmander, my moves are:

  • SCRATCH: Does damage
  • GROWL: Lowers attack

After the battle now's the time to check your new tab in the menu named:

  • POKEMON: View the pokemon in your current party

Now you can walk out of the LAB.

Route 1

Pokémon battled

and battle your way through route 1 on your way to Veridian City. This is were the first gym is. When you get here I recomend you heal at the pokemon center. After this you should go to the building with the blue roof. The counter lady will give you a parcel for Oak. So after your not so long trek, you have to go back. Once you've talked to Oak he will give you a pokedex. After delivering the parcel to Oak, go back to Veridian City. The gym here is not open so I suggest you buy some status healing items and normal healing items from the Poke-mart. Remember not to forget poke-balls. Remember though, if you have more than one pokemon, train them equaly. When you pass the old man on the path to the north, he will demonstrate catching a pokemon for you. He then gives you the TEACHY TV.

  • TEACHY TV: Tells you the basics of being a trainer

Being as there's no need for this City anymore, make sure you heal and then head on north.

Through the Forest

The next city is Pewter city. This is also the location of your first gym battle. So make your way up the windy path and through the building leading to....Veridian Forest!!! There are a wide veriety of pokemon in this forest, including the very rare occuring Pikachu. You have to battle your way through the tough forest but I will help you through.

  • Turn right
  • Go up
  • Fight bug catcher...This should be easy if you chose Charmander being as it should know Ember by now.
  • Carry on going up...I recomend training a lot for your upcoming gym battle.
  • Still go up
  • Turn right away from tall grass and up again
  • Turn left and another bug catcher is here...Again very easy for Charmander being as it's Ember will most likely have a one-hot KO effect on the bugs at this point
  • Go down and through the tall grass, al the way down that is and then turn left and up again There'll be another bug-catcher facing the wall....Remember to train well!!
  • Go down and to the right is an item. And the left is the exit
  • The exit is upward and through the building but before you can reach it you must battle another bug-catcher
  • Congratulations!!!! You got through the forest!!!

My Charmander was level 13 by the time I left the Forest and it knew:

  • SCRATCH-Inflicts damage
  • GROWL-Lowers attack
  • EMBER-Inflicts damage + Opponent might suffer burn
  • METAL CLAW-Inflicts damage + may raise user's attack

Then go up route 2 and heal at Pewter city's pokemon center. I also recomend you save sometime soon!!!


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