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About MeEdit

Loved the pokemon series since I was 3. 12 years later, and Im still catching 'em all.

My favorite pokemon of all time is both Victini and Riolu.

My favorite Pokemon characters are the following

-Barry (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum)

-N (Black, White)

-Red (Many generationsof games :P)

I am 15 and a dude with few words to say. But feel free to talk to me :D

My contributionsEdit

My Favorite PagesEdit

  • Wigglytuff
  • Liberty Garden

My Pokemon FriendsEdit

Tangrowth (Level 65)

Bisharp (Level 62)

Emolga (Level 60)

Vanilluxe (Level 58)

Riolu (Platinum, 70) (White, 62)

Haxorous (Level 58)

Currently PlayingEdit

Pokemon White, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky


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