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February 13, 2011
  • I live in Gundalia
  • My occupation is Princess
  • I am girl

About me

i love Houndoom and paul. I have pokemon revolution and platinum. my starter is chimchar who is know a lev 64 infernape. My pokemon team is lev 57 dialga,lev 54 kadabra named Kazza,lev 35 houndoom(luv it XD),lev 79 garitena,and lev 67 regiegegas. Paul is aswome!!!! I got black for my b-day and beat it with oshowott who was a lev 69 sammorott. my team was a lev 40 unfezent,a 39 deerling,a 55 reshirm who i niked named shenron (i didn't really use him),and i don't really remember who else was on my team. Then i restarted it and started out with tepig(worst desinion ever) who i nicked named vegeta he was lev 55, a lev 56 scolipiede who i loved, lev 52 reshirm, 32 unfezent,that blue and red dragon guy lev 68 ,and a lev 58 larvasta one more levle i could of evoved him,and i caugt a lev 4 patrat and put her in the day care walked around a lot got it up to lev 17 then i put my exp share on it battled lev 64 pokemon and got it to lev 31 it evolved then battled again and got it up to 43. Then i gave my game to my friend who started out with shivy. He got surpinor,the finel form of axue,resharm, his typloshion from heart gold, and some other pokemon. In mine and his opinon the elite 4 in black is the hardist in all of the games. And we got stuck on the part where you have to battle cynita.
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File:Arbiter in Pokemon.png
i had heart gold but i gave it to my friend. I know this guy his name is cory and for his platinum game he used action replay. Oh and i forgot to tell you im part of team Galactic. Hahaha!!
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トウコ Touko

Danielle in Pokémon Black and White

Names Danielle
Gender Female
Class Trainer
Region Unova
Hometown Nuvema Town
Relatives Mother,brother,sister,grandpa,grandma,dad
First Appearance Pokémon Black and White
Starter Oshawott(Now a Samurott)






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