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Hello, some basic info about me.
*One of the founders members of PokePower
'''Welcome to My Homepage!''' My screen name is '''Daikenki''' and I am the Multi Purpose Member of PokePower. Some of my favorite things are '''[[Pokemon Black and White]] '''and I love to play '''World of Warcraft '''as well (It's my favorite game!). If you have anything to say, contact our Admin if you have any questions. No bad comments please, and don't be mean and annoying and delete this page.
*Finished almost every Pokemon game
*First Multi-Tasker of PokePower
*Friend of MrArceus
'''My WikiFriends'''
I would just like to ay even though I have been absent for a awhile, I have been still looking over the wiki.
*Franky Bob
*High President MrArceus ([[User:MrArceus|Link]])
*Executive President Crimsonnavy ([[User: Crimsonnavy|Link]])
===='''Note For the General Public'''====
Any question you have about [[Pokepower:Main Page|PokePower]] should be asked to the Executive President until High President MrArceus returns. Any Multi-Tasking questions can be answered by me or another one. As a member of [[Pokepower:Main Page|PokePower]], NOT a Executive or High President, all membership requirements should be found in the [[Pokepower:Main Page|PokePower]] link above. Even though my absence has been long, my membership on PokeWiki shall begin again on the day that I receive [[Pokemon Black and White]]. I will be happy when I return to this Wiki. Thank You for all of your hard work during my absence all this time.
- Daikenki the Multi-Tasker
===='''Note for the PokePower Members'''====
It is true, I have been gone a long amount of time, but I am ready to resume my position as the Multi-Tasker of [[Pokepower:Main Page|PokePower]]. ANY updates or rules created on PokePower need to be shared with me so I know. I hear that MrArceus has left, so is Crimsonnavy our new Lord of Editing? Answer on my Talk Page please. Another note, I know that my badge level has, lets say.........decreased........from the other members of the wiki. I will try my best to reach 2000 points and become a higher rank. Please also note that I will be returning at the date of the realease of the next Pokemon games. Thank you for reading.
- Daikenki
'''End of the Notes'''
All this is very boring I know, but it must be said! For my......I mean the wiki's sake! Ok, not the WIKI's sake just....ummmm.......ignore this comment. I am a person of simple taste so my channel will not be high-tech, and that is not because I have no idea how to do it. As one of the first of three members to have EVER even started PokePower, I will most likely be of great assistance to you if you need anything, but DO NOT ask me for membership. And just a fact....I am a Grand Master of L33t! You can always find me playing World of Warcraft as well. If you play it and want to know who I am, look at the onfo below. If you dont.....DONT CALL ME NAMES! Its a fun game and I like it. Any trolls will be sho.....nevermind. Look at info below for WoW info.
'''Characters on WoW:'''
*Kadritus of Velen
*Noryn of Velen
*Kaljir of Velen
*Worgknight of Zuluhed
*Cokeicola of Laughing Skull
Now for my Pokemon info!
'''Highest Lvl Pokemon (Diamond)'''
*[[Empoleon]] (Lv. 100)
*[[Rapidash]] (Lv. 99)
*[[Electivire]] (Lv. 100)
*[[Dialga]] (Lv. 100)
*[[Roserade]] (Lv. 98)
*[[Staraptor]] (Lv. 98)
Finally, Call of Duty.
'''Character and Tag'''
*HolyCowzies199 (Prestige 7 Level 50 - As of March 1st)
'''Final Notes'''
Thank You is you actually read all of this! I am excited to get to know the new wiki...and not hate it as anew. Feel free to contact me when you can! See you in the Wiki!
- Daikenki

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Hello, some basic info about me.

  • One of the founders members of PokePower
  • Finished almost every Pokemon game
  • First Multi-Tasker of PokePower
  • Friend of MrArceus

I would just like to ay even though I have been absent for a awhile, I have been still looking over the wiki.

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