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August 2, 2010
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User name Crimsonnavy
Pokémon Used Typhlosion
Hometown New Bark Town
Age 19
Height 5'8?
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League Rank Champion
Other Pokemon 400+
Friends I don't keep a list
Edit Count I have 26,131 edits
We are moving, so good luck, I am not fully moving until this wiki has a full list of admins, though. Welcome to my user page. I'm the current bureaucrat on here, I'm usually just on the prowl for vandalism and grammatical errors. I also manage the front page templates and I am the acting leader of PokePower. I have an account on Bulbapedia, but they can be a little over zealous over there, so I mostly work on this website. I have many guide books on the main series games and have played almost all of the other games, so I will usually be able answer any questions about said games.

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