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* Example: [[Pokémon Wiki]]
* Example: [[Pokémon Wiki]]
* Favorite page #1: [[Ash Ketchum]]
* Favorite page #1: [[Ash Ketchum]]
* Favorite page #2: [[Misty (Anime)]]
* Favorite page #2: [[Misty (Anime)|Misty]]
* Favorite page #3: [[Brock (anime)]]
* Favorite page #3: [[Brock (anime)|Brock]]
|Add links to your friends' user pages!
|Add links to your friends' user pages!

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Pokémon world

Pokémon world is Mobius.

Mewtwo Strikes Back

Dr. Eggman builds his new fortress on New Island.

Pokémon the Movie 2000: The Power of One

During the festival ceremony, Tails states that Melody was beautiful. Sonic says that Melody has a "neat" dress. When Dr. Eggman lies to a legend, Knuckles yells at him. Lawrence III has stolen the Master Emerald from the Angel Island. Mobius (due to the Beast of the Sea) has the same affect in the Solar System as Sauria (without the Krazoa Spirits and the Spellstones) in the Lylat System.

Eggman: "If Mobius explodes, it could affect the entire Solar System!"

Pokémon 3: The Spell Of The Unown

After Molly commands Entei to stop, a enraged Eggman orders Entei to crush Sonic and Charizard. In a similar fashion of Chaos, Entei blasts Eggman away (along with Bokkun, Decoe and Bocoe). Super Sonic make the Unown weak. Eggman gets to hear the exact same email from Molly on the TV Bomb exclaiming that she is together with her mom and dad, and that everyone should go away and stop bothering them just as all of the crystallizations revert back to the way Greenfield looked prior to everything that has happened.

Molly: "Mama and Papa and me just want to stay by ourselves forever, so stay away! Everyone leave us alone." (TV Bomb explodes on Eggman's face)
Eggman: "Oh, shut up!"

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