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May 13, 2008

Hi my name is BlooDaBeast!


I have job now so I'll be able to pay for certain things like bills, clothing(not so much clothing, but you know what I mean right?) video games and food. OOoooHhhoohoh and payment for lessons at my local MMA gym so I can practice Muay Thai. When I get done they're gonna call me the Emperor of Muay Thai just liek Sagat. Also once I start up my bank account I'm gonna finally be able to play PSU:AOTI and also be able to pay for a linksys for my OWN wireless internet connection(getting sick of moochig off someone else's). Oh and I won't be able to udate as much because my PC has vundo on it so later on this week I'm taking to it to Best Buy to have it checked out and cleaned.

More News

My job is going well now actually and I feel as though I'm making a good impression on my old friends ("Eh Byrd lemme get a free pretzel yo" lol I get that almost all the time.) Well I'm saving up my money for various things such as an xbox 360, a wii and maybe a wireless router for my wii and DS Lite because I love playing pokemon on wifi with pokesav 'cuz you know once you've beaten everything you know it gets a tad boring. Anyway now that I have a life I can save up for the things I want (some of them are listed above) most important is a repaired PC (lol my pc has vundo on it right now and my dad's friend is helping us out with it) and a Wacom Intuos board for sketching on the PC. Another thing that is an important need is Avast for the PC =/

Well anyways I'll stop boring you with meaningless drivel so you guys go on ahead and edit some wiki, Pokemon wiki!

My List of Favorite and Current Pokemon and Pokemon things*Shiny/NonShiny*

  • "My Character is Female"


My Favorite Pokemon Games or have Pokemon in 'em *in exact order*

  • Pokemon Crystal
    • Pokemon Red and Yellow
    • Pokemon Emerald and Sapphire
    • Pokemon Pearl
    • Smash Bros. Series (although my fav character is Ike and Lucario:)
    • Pokemon Pinball machine
    • Shoddy Battle (my current fav)

To Do List For Now

  1. Make a Pokemon Wallpaper with a Wacom Intuos board.
    1. Draw everyone of my friends their favorite Pokemon in my own way.
    2. Draw my panels for my mecha based web comic Haven of Zion (currently on hold until I can get my PC fixed and if I can get a hold of a scanner.
    3. Save up enough money for Muay Thai classes.
    4. Become famous for my artwork (going to be a long time until that happens)
    5. Approach target weight goal (235lb and 6'1")
    6. Adjust attitude for the summer as I will be making a lot of pretzels and pretzel related products.
    7. Go to various Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional and National Tournaments (Never been able to before.)
    8. Edit more wiki, Pokemon and YuGiOh! Wiki.

Shiny Pokemon that I own

  • Weavile(Manyula)
    • Black Charizard :-)
    • Azurill
    • Togekiss
    • Pikachu [non-evo](w/Ball)
    • Machamp [female]
    • Gengar
    • There are more but I can't name all of them from memory.

Non Shinies and Legendaries

  • Gengar
    • Hitmonlee
    • Hitmontop
    • Arceus (from Wifi Center)
    • Shaymin(Toys-R-Us, some kid wanted my shiny Rapidash egg.)
    • Shaymin-S
    • Giratina
    • Regigigas (Omg this one kid at a Yu-Gi-Oh duel league gave me his Regi pokemon so I could get him! I gave my only copy of Slifer the Sky Dragon from the Shonen Jump promo a while back)
    • All 3 of the legendary lake pokemon
    • All 3 of the legendary Dog pokemon (every difficult to obtain because it took me a month to capture Suicune and Raikou but right after I caught Raiko Entei appeaered O_o)
    • Like the shinies list I can't name them of from memory. I'll list them later when I have the time.

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