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Template:Character Mike started out his Pokemon journey at the age of 14 in the Kanto region and chose Squirtle as his first choice. He went on to defeat all the gym leaders there and took the place of Champion in the Indigo League. He later decieded to travel to Johto participate in the Johto League,and captured a Remoraid as his first pokemon in the Johto Region. He then went on to earn all the badges and became champion yet again. Mike then set his sights on winning the Hoenn League, captruing a Surskit as his first Hoenn Region pokemon. This Time however, he would become the runner-up in the Hoenn League. He then moved on to the Sinnoh League where he became champion as well. Currently, Mike is traveling in the Unova region after recently becoming the Unova League Champion.


  • Johto Region
  • Mike's Remoraid
  • Mike's Octillery
  • Chikorita.jpg Mike's Chikorita
  • Mike's Bayleef
  • Mike's Meganium
  • Mike's Slugma
  • Mike's Delibird
  • Mike's Yanma
  • Mike's Yanmega
  • Gligar.png Mike's Gligar
  • Mike's Sentret
  • Mike's Furret
  • Mike's Girafarig
  • Mike's Aipom
  • Mike's Ambipom
  • 234StantlerHGSS.png Mike's Stantler
  • Mike's Bellossum
  • Hoenn E.png Hoenn Region
  • Mike's Surskit
  • Mike's Masquerain
  • Mike's Treeko
  • Mike's Grovyle
  • Mike's Sceptile
  • Mike's Wurmple
  • Mike's Cascoon
  • Mike's Dustox
  • Mike's Seviper
  • Mike's Lunatone
  • Mike's Zigzagoon
  • Mike's Linoone
  • Mike's Shuppet
  • Mike's Kecleon
  • Mike's Gulpin
  • Mike's Rattata
  • Mike's Raticate
  • Mike's Beedrill
  • Sinnoh Region
  • Mike's Mantyke
  • Mike's Mantine
  • Mike's Turtwig
  • Mike's Grotle
  • Mike's Torterra
  • Mike's Chimchar
  • Mike's Monferno
  • Mike's Infernape
  • Mike's Burmy
  • Mike's Mothim
  • Mike's Carnivine
  • Bonsly.png Mike's Bonsly
  • Mike's Sudowoodo
  • Mike's Stunky
  • Mike's Stunktank
  • Mike's Buneary
  • Mike's Buizel

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