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About me

hello everybody! welcome on my user page!

i'm just a normal pokemon liking boy, in the past i was a very big pokemon fan and i still like it! i'm mainly active on the dragonball wiki since dragonball z is my favorite anime by far.

i really love the pokemon games!

feel free to ask me something if you want to!

pokemon games i have

  • pokemon mystery dungeon: red rescue team
  • pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of time
  • pokemon silver (sold it sometime ago...)
  • pokemon emerald
  • pokemon diamond
  • pokemon platinum
  • pokemon ranger
  • pokemon dash
  • pokemon soul silver (awesome!)

my favorite pokemon games are pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time and pokemon soul silver

of course i will buy pokemon black/white in the future

favorite pokemon

1. Blaziken

2. Lucario

3. Alakazam

but of course there are much more i like!

least favorite pokemon

  • purugly (stupid annoying fat cat and his name already says it: purugly

Shiny pokemon I have/saw

(i do not use any cheats on any pokemon games and the shiny's i saw i found with luck! cheats make games so boring! *yawn*)

1. shiny golbat: in pokemon silver i found a shiny golbat in the cave before the pokemon league! i managed to catch it but unfortunatly i sold pokemon silver

2. shiny haundour: in pokemon platinum i was just walking in a route, and i saw a shiny houndaur! it was blue. i wanted to catch it but unfortunatly i had a critical hit (why on a moment like this?!) and defeated it...

3. and my greatest shiny: ... A SHINY GIRATINA! when i was playing pokemon platinum and i was in the distortion world, and i wanted to catch giratina, i went in a battle with him and he was SHINY! giratina's shiny color is silver by the way. i was shocked/happy because i know how little the change is you see a shiny and i saw a legendary shiny! i didn't want to take any risk so i used my master ball and i had it! (later i went to get the giratina orb (forgot the name) and gave it him because giratina's origin form is cooler then his alternated form in my opinion) i am happy with this one!

4. shiny bunneary: on oak's radio he said there appeared bunneary's at route (don't know the number anymore) i went there and the first bunneary i saw was shiny! it has pink ears etc = )

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