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Hello, I am Austin, and I am a game maker, and I like to animate. Sometimes I enjoy and cherish editing wikis on the internet. Even though I think and make games, I am not really good at them.
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As you can see, I like editing wikis, but I don't really know much, and I will try my best to do all I can. I also like watching videos and talking to my friends. You see that my profile picture, is a human with a sword, and that is my own made-up charcter, called Ultra Austin.

Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

I know there are already over 600 pokemon, so I am going to try my best and choose my TOP 10. This is my opinion, so don't argue with it.

10. Ditto: It's that awesome transforming Pokemon, and it looks hilarious when it transforms into another Pokemon with that smiley derp face looking at you. It could even copy a legendary Pokemon!

9. Pikachu: I'm not a really big fan about Electric Pokemon, but that cute furry yellow rat is pretty cute and easy to cherish. Espically that one episode for its love for ketchup. And in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pikachu is just BOSS.

8: Arceus: This Pokemon is epic since if you just give it a type plate, it can automatically change type. So what I think is that you can just change its type right off the bat.

7: Snivy: Even though Grass Pokemon have a lot of weaknesses, I somehow love Grass Type Pokemon. Snivy then turns into an awesome snake, which looks epic, and even when its shiny form!

6: Mew: That Pokemon is easy to cherish, and it was just trolling around. It also seems like that Pokemon is like a   god. It is also one of the only Pokemon that can learn Transform.

5: Kyurem: Its types are Dragon and Ice, which is amazing because probably the only weaknesses Dragon Types have are only Dragon themselves and Ice types. I forgot if Kyurem is weak to ice types, but it still seems pretty epic for a dragon.

4: Lucario: This awesome guy is a Steel and Fighting type, and it knows that awesome move, Aura Sphere. Not only that but in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I love his special attack, but the sad thing is that I forgot the special attacks name.

3: Sableye: Even though it kinda creeps me out, I like the fact that this Pokemon has no weaknesses. In fact it is a Ghost and Dark type. It has a Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald to stand which games it was from.

2: Charizard: When I first got Charmander, I thought its final evolution would be some salamander fire thing. But it seems that when I evolved my Charmeleon, Charizard just looked beast. Espically when I got my shiny Charizard.

1: Rotom: This Pokemon would kind of freak me out if I was in the Anime. But when I caught this amazing creature, I figured out it could change into different forms, which is so awesome!

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