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Let's give a warm Kunova
Welcome Goodbye

About me

I run Team Kunova. We have a hidden base on an uncharted island between Kanto and Unova. A trick some members are known for is telling you he has your favorite Pokemon in the PokeBall in his hand, sells it to you for 5000 bucks, and when you get home, no Pokemon!!! When you go to sell it back to him, he's gone! How do we get there? You know that black boat in Castelia City? People in Team Kunova travel between Kanto, the base, and Unova with that boat. If anyone finds our base on that island, we chalenge them to a battle. If they lose, they leave. If they win, they join Team Kunova. (Team Kunova is not affiliated with The Pokemon Wiki. It's affiliated with the Project Pokemon fourm.)

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