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Hi everyone! It's nice to meet you! My name is Lisa, and I am a huge fan of Pokemon. I like both the games and the anime, but my specialty is the anime. :)

I am very knowledgeable on the Pokemon anime. I have been watching the show ever since it first started airing in the US. I still watch the new episodes of Pokemon even today. But, I enjoy the old episodes more because of nostalgia (and the quality is a lot better, in my opinion). Back in the 90s, I watched Pokemon on KidsWB every week day afternoon and every Saturday morning. Yes, the 4Kids dub of Pokemon was my childhood show. And even though I am 24, the show continues to make me happy today. But of course, credit for this goes to the talented voice actors who brought the characters to life on Pokemon for 8 years (until the original cast was replaced in season 9, Battle Frontier).

I love all the characters from Pokemon, but Ash Ketchum has always been my favorite character. I love the way Veronica Taylor portrays Ash, the young boy from Pallet Town. She didn't just voice Ash though, she truly became him. For example, when you listen to Veronica's Ash voice in the 4Kids dub, you can really feel the energy of the character. No matter what episode you're watching, and no matter what emotion Ash is feeling, the character really "comes to life" when he speaks. Thanks to Veronica Taylor's amazing work, Ash Ketchum became my childhood hero. And for this very reason, the 4Kids dub of Pokemon and the show in general, will always hold a special place in my heart.

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