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  • I live in My Exaggerated Mind. Sometimes Somewhere Beyond. Uh.. Philippines, Yeah?
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Is Making Sure I Survive The Everyday.
  • I am Just Your Typical Background That Can Be Found Anywhere.
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My Name's Arvee100smart

Welcome to my profile Stalker !

I am um.. kinda new here. I'll do my best in this wikia and edit as many as I can.

Fell free to ask me or I can help you but just remember I suck at codes but I can do some and some copy paste ones, but I'm SUPER SUPER intelligent about Pokemons.. just don't ask me about episodes, I suck at that also.

Thanks for reading and I hope don't mind if you see some wrong grammars. Leave me a message if you like.

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