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October 11, 2009
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Just a traveller, helping out a few articles. You want my card?..... I really wish I had a card, damn having to pay for photoshop...

Also, it seems an accomplice of mine has joined this wiki, lets hope I can get him to edit the mainspace and not just try to make a walkthrough and then giving up four paragraphs in.

I recently moved account, Now I've gotta get a decent edit count again...

179 edits with my old account.

28 with my new one.

I usually do many small edit because...

  • 1. I just prefer to do one thing at a time
  • 2. I sometimes think of other edits to make after I save an edit
  • 3. I sometimes forget things that I planned to add
  • 4. I take breaks
  • 5. I'M LAZY PEOPLE, be happy I'm edting the articles at all!
  • 6. Sometimes my concentration wanes, so I just save at that point and go do something else. I usually come back to that thing later.

To do list

  • Finnsh the Sableye page: Done.
  • Give the pokemon articles these things → {{PokémonPrevNext | prev= | next=}}, make sure they all have at least one image and that it's the best one to use and give all short articles the stub template untill I get bored
  • Improve the Trapinch page

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