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Not to be confused with Misty

Let's battle. With Lucarix, Mephiles, and Memphis, there's no way I'm going to lose!


Misty Andrea Harmonia, just known as just Misty, is the daughter of N and Hilda in the future and is the sister of J. Misty has a crush on Bianca and Cheren's son, Brandon. Her full name was purposely revealed by Team Ice's leader Drake. At the age of 11, she was accidently killed by the Pokémon Crash, but was brought back to life 2 weeks later. She gave her Gym Leader duties to her adopted son, Adam.



  • Ghetsis (grandfather)
  • June (grandmother)
  • N (father)
  • Hilda (mother)
  • Hilbert (uncle)
  • Annabelle (aunt)
  • Nadia (aunt)
  • Touko (cousin)
  • Touya (cousin)
  • Melody (cousin)
  • J (brother)


  • Brandon (husband)
  • Cheren (father-in-law)
  • Bianca (mother-in-law)
  • Cody (brother-in-law)
  • Bianca (sister-in-law)
  • Amelia (daughter)
  • Ami (daughter)
  • Alyssa (daughter) {note: not this Alyssa}
  • Adam (adopted son)


  • Brandon (childhood friend/crush/husband (future)
  • Alyssa (childhood friend)
  • Josh
  • Cody
  • Brianna


Her Pokémon (not counting her Gym Leader Pokémon)

Stoutland BW
 Type Normal 
Serperior BW
 Type Grass 
Reuniclus BW
 Type Psychic 
Glaceon BW
 Type Ice 
Ninetales BW
 Type Fire 
Umbreon BW
 Type Dark 
Lv. 77 Lv. 76 Lv. 74 Lv. 75 Lv. 75 Lv. 75
Ability: Intimidate Ability: Overgrow Ability: Magic Guard Ability: Snow Cloak Ability: Flash Fire Ability: Synchronize
Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item:
Retaliate Giga Drain Psychic Retaliate Fire Blast Retaliate
Bide Cut Rollout Blizzard Solarbeam Pursuit
Take Down Grass Pledge Psyshock Shadow Ball Foul Play Confuse Ray
Crunch Leaf Blade Dizzy Punch Signal Beam Confuse Ray Quick Attack

Recently caught Pokémon

Zorua BW
 Type Dark 
 File:Type .gif 
 File:Type .gif 
 File:Type .gif 
 File:Type .gif 
 File:Type .gif 
Lv. 37 Lv. - Lv. - Lv. - Lv. - Lv. -
Ability: Illusion Ability: Ability: Ability: Ability: Ability:
Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item:
Faint Attack - - - - -
Night Slash - - - - -
Fury Swipes - - - - -
Crunch - - - - -



  • It seems that her Pokemon at the Gym are not totally speed types.
  • Like J's Lillipup, Misty figured out how to not make her recently caught Zorua to not evolve.
  • She is no longer a Gym Leader. However, her Gym Leader pokemon are in her PC box.

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