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Flower is the daughter of Iris and Cilan.


Flower was born when Iris is 18 and Cilan was 23. Flower's starter pokemon was a female Minun given by her father when it was her first birthday. Flower has also caught the pokemon Cinccino, which is female.


On hand

Pokémon Information
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Minun is Flower's first pokemon. It is first a female Minun. Flower first received it when Flower was only 1. Its known moves are Wild Charge, Copycat, Spark, and Thunderfang.
Pokémon Information
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Flower's Cinccino is the second Pokémon that Flower has and was the first pokemon she caught. It first started out as a Minccino. It evolved into Cinccino when Flower gave it a Shiny Stone that Flower found in a cave. Its known moves are Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, Strength, and Rock Blast
Minccino → Cinccino

Voice Actresses

  • English: Eileen Stevens



  • Flower has the same fear as Iris: Ice-type Pokemon.
    • However, her Minun has an advantage against Ice types.
  • She also has Iris' voice actor.

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