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December 18, 2012

Welcome  to my userpage!

I am Adrian and I am a really fan of Pokémon. I love Pokémon because it's a brand new world replacing normal animals. Pokémon have their story, theory, and other great things. Pokémon are like a whole world of possibilities. I know there have been only 5 generations so far, but I know there will be many more because of it's infinity possibilities.

Games I own

Pokémon Platinum

It was my first Pokémon game. I got it for my ninth birthday, as a present of my parents. By that time, I had chicken pox, so I played a lot to fill time. This is my actual team in Platinum:

Pokémon Information
Empoleon is my starter Pokémon. I've got it on April 18, 2009, the day I started my adventure. He has evolved since Piplup, through Prinplup and finally Empoleon. He has a gentle nature. He is alert to sounds and likes bitter food. He knows powerful moves such as Aqua Jet, Drill Peck, Hydro Pump, and Surf. Those moves have made him a powerful Pokémon in this team. As any other Water-type starter, he has the ability Torrent. As he is level 100, his stats are very high, having 1358 as total. His Water-type moves are Beauty, making him win the Beauty Ribbon and the Beauty Ribbon Great. He holds an item, which is a Grip Claw. It may be useless, but is the item he has held since I gave my Pokémon items to hold.
Pokémon Information
Crobat is one of the Pokémon I first catched. I catched him the next day I started my adventure, while wandering around before going to battle Roark, I found a level 6 male Zubat in the Ravaged Path, and liked it and catched it with a Poké Ball. He's brave and likes to trash about. His favorite food is the spicy one. Along with Empoleon, he's level 100. His ability is Inner Focus, which, as I remember, has helped me several times. His stats are also high, reaching 1409. He's the fastest Pokémon in my team, so most of the times he attacks first. He knows the moves Air Slash, Poison Fang, Wing Attack and Fly. Three of the four attacks have advantages; Air Slash may make the foe flinch, Poison Fang may poison the foe, and Fly can make avoid one attack in the first turn, and in the second he defeats the foe and has no damage. I use him a lot, so he must be very durable, that's why I gave him the Shell Bell to hold. He is has disvantage against Rock-type and Psychic-type moves. He evolved to Crobat in the Galactic HQ, when he reached max happiness and helped me defeat Cyrus.
Pokémon Information
Golem is the second Pokémon I catched who would become part of my team. I catched him in the Oreburgh Mine on April 20, 2009, before going off to battle Roark. He helped me as I teached him Rock Smash. He's naughty and has a good perseverance. He likes spicy food. He has the ability Rock Head. He has the higher defense in my team, but has great debilities against Water and Grass. He is level 76. His moves are Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Strength and Stone Edge. I use him, specially to fight Bug/Flying Pokémon with his Stone Edge. I traded him to evolve after beating Cynthia once. He holds a Rare Bone, which is stupid, as a Rare Bone has no effect, but he holds it anyways.
Pokémon Information
Roserade is my only female Pokémon in my team, although she's kinda strong. I met her in Route 205 on April 22, 2009 at level 12, in my way to Eterna City. I used her a lot in that route, because it is filled with Water and Rock type Pokémon, so she leveled a lot. When I went to see the Old Gateau, she was the one with higher level and the one who knew Cut, so I took her. With other Pokémon, Gastly would not let me escape, but with Budew we could escape or we had to defeat the Gastly, in one of those, a select Gastly did not let us escape and Budew defeated it, that's when she reached max happiness and evolved into Roselia. She evolved into Roserade after beating the Elite Four and in the door of the PokéCenter in Celestic Town, I gave her a Shiny Stone and evolved. Roserade, being the Pokémon with higher special attack (with Exeggutor), has 220 in her special attack, only being surpassed by Empoleon, but considering that Empoleon is level 100 and Roserade 76, Roserade could surpass him. Her ability is Poison Point, which is very helpful, to, you know, poison the enemies. She knows Giga Drain, Synthesis, Cut and Petal Dance. She has an Amulet Coin.
Pokémon Information
Yanmega is another of my buddies. I catched him on April 30, 2009 on the Great Marsh. I arrived to Pastoria City and decided to try out that famous Great Marsh, so I paid and took my 30 Safari Balls and went to look around. I found various Yanmas but they fled after a while, not until this one, and I catched him. By that time I was traveling with a Bronzor, but it was replaced with Yanma because of its speed. He is a fan of bitter food. His ability is Tinted Lens which helps me often, maybe versus a Steel-type Pokémon. He knows U-turn, Defog, Bug Buzz and Air Slash. He carries BlackGlasses.
Pokémon Information
He is the last Pokémon I catched, he completed my team. I caught it on my way to Canalave City on Route 218 on May 1, 2012 at level 28, so after the fight against Barry, he was evolved. His ability is Clear Body. He knows Waterfall, BubbleBeam, Hydro Pump and Poison Jab. He carries an Odd Keystone.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Pokémon SoulSilver

Pokémon Diamond

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

Pokémon Pearl

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Pokémon Sapphire

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