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  • I live in Forests of Berk, or wherever just as long as there are fish to eat
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Amateur Paleontologist, Amateur Zoologist, Amateur Draconologist, Amateur Historian, Amateur Herpatologist, Super Hero, Z Fighter, Lord of Nature, Avenger, Dragon, Lycan Vampire Hyrid.
  • I am Male

I'm Went, I'm a Pokémon trainer, born in America, raised in Kanto. I'm a Champion of the Indigo League. And a potential Frontier Brain for Kanto. (but would prefer to be a champion) (anime verse) (or I'm a very large Charizard) (in manga verse my canines are sharper)

My trainer attire is simply a pair of pants, shoes, and a short sleeve short jacket that exposes the chest and stomach that does not zip or button closed.

My partner Pokémon is Charizard. I can also sense Auras. And I can transform into Pokémon.

Below is a list of my current Pokémon.

Charizard: male (First Pokémon and Partner) *Charizard Mega evolves into Mega Charizard X.

Pikachu: male (Second Pokémon)

Venosaur: male

Blastoise: male

Pigeot: male (other Second Pokémon)

Arbok: male

Nidoking: male

Haunter: male

This ends the list of my primary team.

Raichu: male

Lapras: male

Heracross: male

Bayleaf: female

Feraligatr: male

Snorlax: male (possibly have it)

Quilava: male

Swellow: male

Sceptile: male

Seviper: male

Corphish: male (possibly have it)

Torkoal: male

Donphan: male (possibly have it)

Glalie: male (possibly have it)

Staraptor: male

Torterra: male

Infernape: male

Buizel: male (possibly have it)

Gliscor: male

Garchomp: male

Unfezant: female (possibly have it)

Snivy: female

Boldore: male (possibly have it)

Kroockodile: male

Frogadier: male (possibly have it)

Fenniken: male (possibly have it)

Talonflame: male

Noivern: male

Heliolisk: male

(ideally I'd have)

Kabutops: male (I have a female in FireRed)

Aerodactyl: male

Moltres: (no gender as the species has none)

Articuno: (no gender as the species has none)

Zapdos: (no gender as the species has none)

Armaldo: male (possibly have it)

Archeops: male (possibly have it)

Carracosta: male

Rampordos: male

Tyrantrum: male

Pokémon traded away

Aipom: female


My traveling companion is a girl named Serena who looks and acts like Serena in the anime. We have a romantic relationship.

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