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August 25, 2010

About Me

Real Name: ???

Username: 8o8_Dark

Gender: ♂

Age: ???

Location: U.S.

State: Hawaii

Island: Oahu

School: ???

Favorite Pokémon: VICTINI

Reason: I think that VICTINI looks so cool! I also think that it has a good moveset.Also, because you can find it at such a low level, you can do lots of EV training. I also think that its two signature moves; Fire Platform, and V-Generate!


Here is a list of the teams that I use:

Merciless Team

File:Enbuoh BW.gif
  Type Fire   Type Fighting  
Zekrom BW
  Type Dragon   Type Electric  
Zoroark BW
  Type Dark  
Victini BW
  Type Fire   Type Psychic  
Carracosta BW
  Type Water   Type Rock  
File:Yanakkie BW.gif
  Type Grass  
Lv. 100 Lv. 100 - Lv. 100 Lv. 100 - Lv. 100 Lv. 100
Ability: Blaze Ability: TeraVoltage Ability: Illusion Ability: Victory Star Ability: Solid Rock Ability: Gluttony
Item: Sitrus Berry Item: Muscle Band Item: Chople Berry Item: Leppa Berry Item: Rindo Berry Item: Sitrus Berry
Blast Burn Lightning Sritke Night Burst V-Generate Hydro Pump Leaf Storm
Flamethrower Cross Thunder Flamethrower Ball of Fire Aqua Tail Nasty Plot
Flare Blitz Outrage Night Slash Trickery Stone Edge Seed Bomb
Heat Stamp Dragon Tail Hyper Beam Overheat Boiling Water Crunch

and more to come!

Pokemon Games

Games I own

  • Pokemon FireRed
  • Pokemon LeafGreen
  • Pokemon Emerald
  • Pokemon Diamond
  • Pokemon SoulSilver

Games I want

  • Pokemon HeartGold
  • Pokemon White

Event Pokemon

Event Pokemon that I have obtained:

  • MEW
  • LATIAS (Enigma Stone)

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